For siblings who were excited to experience Athens life, they had their wishes fulfilled. 

Ohio University organized a variety of events that siblings could attend together, from performing arts to sports, for Sibs Weekend 2018.

For Emily Francisco, a freshman studying early childhood education, and her brother, Jacob, 19, it was a time to bond over their mutual love for sporting events. 

They attended the Ohio hockey games against Oakland on both Friday and Saturday. The Bobcats won those game 6-1 and 12-0

“By just getting to spend time with him, I felt happy as I had not seen him in a couple of weeks, and I was excited to spend a couple of days with him,” Emily said.

Emily believes she and Jacob grew closer during Sibs Weekend by spending one-on-one time together.

“When I am in my home, I am with my parents too; however, during Sibs Weekend, it is just me and my brother,” Emily said.

For Allie Jones, 16, a high school junior, hanging out with her older sister, Audrey, a freshman studying early childhood education, was fun because she got to see her sibling, who lives far away from home. 

They bonded over the Ohio men’s basketball game against Central Michigan on Saturday, and then they grabbed a bite to eat at Big Mamma’s Burritos. 

Allie enjoyed being in Athens and seeing what it’s like on a college campus. 

“You get to experience the college life,” Allie said.  


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