Tuesday was Pokemon Day, which celebrates the release of Pokemon Red Version and Blue Version on Feb. 27, 1996. The Pokemon Twitter page has showcased the event all week, using the hashtag #PokemonDay to allow fans to share their favorite moments throughout the years in the anime, game and trading card game.

Although the company didn’t tease its next main series Nintendo Switch game, here are some of its announcements to get fans excited about Pokemon Day:

1. An app for Amazon Echo and Google Home

Ever get tired of talking to Alexa? Pokemon released the “Pikachu Talk” app to allow fans to talk to the electric mouse in person. Pikachu will be able to sing “Happy Birthday to You” and tell funny stories using the device’s commands. Pikachu may have hidden responses if you continue to talk, according to a Pokemon news release. Fans can open the app by saying “open Pikachu Talk.”

2. New Snapchat filters of Kanto starters

Snapchat will help fans remember the original starters by adding Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle to its list of Pokemon filters. Starting Tuesday, fans will be able to have filters from the first partner Pokemon featuring their type and image in the corner of the screen. 

3. Festive Pikachu added to Pokemon GO

With each holiday, Pokemon uses the opportunity to showcase a limited-edition Pikachu. For Pokemon Day, keep an eye out for a Pikachu with a striped purple hat to celebrate the special day. This limited-edition Pokemon will know the move Present and award players triple stardust when caught.

4. Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You available to watch on the Pokemon TV app

For those who missed the movie in theaters, fans will be able to watch the franchise’s newest movie release on the Pokemon TV app for free. The movie is only available for a limited time, so fans can download the app and enjoy it as well as other exclusive clips.

5. Charizard Gallery Figure DX

Fans will be able to collect an exclusive Charizard figure on the Pokemon Center website. The Pokemon is shown to be charging its Blast Burn attack. Next of the DX series will include Gengar and Mewtwo, according to a Pokemon news release.



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