The internet can be a strange place sometimes, but it can also be pretty useful when someone is trying to refrain from doing anything productive.

Here is a list of random websites to visit when trying to avoid all the important things in life:

1. The world’s smallest website

On the world’s smallest website you can browse art, play games and do even more while viewing it all on a tiny screen.

2. This is sand

Build mounds upon mounds of sand and color them how you want to make a sand masterpiece.

3. Meowmania

If you enjoy cats, then you’re going to enjoy this website.

4. GeoGuessr

This website gives you a random location on Google Maps and you have to guess where in the world it is.

5. Sketch Swap

Draw a doodle and then receive a random doodle from someone else in the world.

6. Google Feud

Choose a category and try to guess the top googled topics from each category.

7. The X-Rite Color Challenge

Take this test to find out if you have a color deficiency.


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