Tarte Cosmetics has beauty influencers and loyal customers in an uproar. 

Tarte Cosmetics has always been in good graces with the beauty industry because their products are cruelty-free, eco-friendly and made their consumers feel beautiful. The brand’s most famous launch was the Tarte Cosmetics Shape Tape Concealer. This was on every beauty influencer's YouTube because of its full coverage when used to highlight the face. 

When Tarte Cosmetics announced that they were coming out with the Tarte Shape Tape Foundation in January, their loyal customers were very excited. Unfortunately, they did not live up to their good reputation in the beauty community.  

When famous beauty influencers reviewed the product, they were disappointed with the shade range. Last year, Fenty Beauty acknowledged the lack of diversity in makeup brands foundation shades, so they shocked us with 40 shades. After Rihanna stopped the world with Fenty Beauty’s variation of shades, many makeup brands began to add more skin tones to their foundation shades to make them more inclusive.

Jackie Aina, a beauty influencer who recently got acknowledged at the NAACP awards, could not find her shade in the new Tarte foundation when trying to do a review. Diversity and inclusion has become such a big topic in the beauty industry. Tarte Cosmetics falling short of the new standard for makeup brands has resulted in losing a lot of loyal customers and backlash from beauty influencers. 

See how people reacted on Twitter to the new launch. 


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