Arie’s season of The Bachelor started off boring. But with amazing dates in far-off places, it seemed like he would make this season the best ever — until Monday’s episode. With hometowns next week, Arie picked the worst four women possible. There’s Becca K. who is just too perfect, Laurn B. who is not interesting, Kendall who is a little far out there and Tia who has a winner’s mentality. Here’s why each of those women are not who he should’ve ended up with. 

Becca K. is too cookie-cutter

Becca K. started the season off strong when she went on the first one-on-one with Arie. Her personality shone through and she seemed like a grounded person. But since then, her relationship with Arie has fizzled. 

Becca K. is just a little too spunky and too perfect. She is the obvious choice to receive the final rose, which is why she won’t get it. In fact, she might go home next week. It just doesn’t seem like Arie is all that interested in their relationship anymore. 

Lauren B. is boring

Lauren B. got another one-on-one with Arie, and she barely said anything worthwhile. Arie seemed so disinterested in her the whole time, but when she told him she was falling in love, he gave her the rose. 

“I’m falling so deeply in love with you, it’s crazy,” Arie said.

Boring people must attract boring people. 

Kendall is obviously not right for him

Kendall was easily the coolest and funniest person on this season, but she quickly turned to a calming spirit who won't shut up. She is awkward, which is fine, but it doesn’t seem to fit with Arie’s personality. 

Despite his seemingly lukewarm feelings toward her, he gave her a rose while on a group date with Bekah M. and Tia. The only thing to look forward to with her hometown is the house full of taxidermy. 

Tia is just out to win

Tia is another girl with a big personality. She has always found a way to be involved in the drama, and it was no different Monday. 

During her time with Arie, she told him Bekah M. isn’t ready for marriage and that she is too young. She should have used her time to talk about their relationship. Instead, she threw Bekah M. under the bus. 

Tia is acting catty. If she gets the final rose, there will be a lot of unhappy Bachelor fans.

He sent the best person for him home

Bekah M. was the best person for Arie. She called him out when he was acting dumb, fueled his adrenaline and was more mature than all of the other women. 

Sure, she was young, but that doesn’t mean anything. If a person is as right for you as Bekah M. was for Arie, why not go after it?

Arie is going for convention. He is all about finding who fits into a perfect life and not who fits into his life. If he would’ve followed his heart completely, Bekah M. would be the person at the end of the season. He might regret this for the rest of his boring life. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.


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