With only two weeks left until hometown visits, the women in Tuesday’s episode of The Bachelor felt added pressure and jealousy. Arie went on a whopping four dates, one of which was a two-on-one. Here’s what happened on each of those dates: 

Lauren went on an awkward one-on-one

Lauren B., who ironically looks and dresses like Ben Higgins’ ex-fiancee Lauren B., got the first one-on-one date of the week. She and Arie go on a boat ride down the Seine River and walk around Paris. 

Lauren is silent As they walk past all of the beautiful landmarks. They barely talk. Arie tries so hard to start a conversation with her, but she doesn’t speak. What is up with this woman?

“I’m so attracted to her, and I so want it to work,” Arie said. “But if I can’t find an attraction by the end of the night, I’m going to have to say goodbye.”

When they have dinner, she finally opens up and reveals she was engaged. Because she opened up, Arie decides to give her the rose and secure her place in next week’s episode. 

The group date fostered jealousy

Arie took the women who didn’t get personal dates to Moulin Rouge to get dressed up and dance. All of them were freaking out, except Tia who is not very good at dancing. 

The prize for this group date was a chance to dance on stage wiht Arie during a show and that was given to Bekah M. She started crying and all the other women were extremely jealous. 

It is undeniable that Bekah M. and Arie have chemistry, and the women definitely saw that. 

“It was so great to have Bekah by my side,” Arie said. “I can def see myself falling in love with her.”

Jacqueline’s date was short and sweet

For those who don’t really know who Jacqueline is, I can’t help you figure it out. This is her first one-on-one, and she has been pretty much in the background of every episode. Despite all of that, she got a one-on-one date. 

Arie took her shopping and at dinner he said she was too smart for him and that prevented him from making a move earlier. That comment throws Jacqueline off a little bit, and she tells him she has to still go through six more years of schooling. Six years could affect their relationship a lot, and they both agreed it would be difficult. 

Jacqueline gets the one-on-one

“I would never want you to give up your dreams to pursue a relationship with me,” Arie said.

But he gives her the rose anyway. This man is slightly confusing.

Krystal and Kendall squared off on a two-on-one

The season’s two-on-one date had its fair share of drama. Krystal knew she was going to be on the date, but who was the poor soul to join her? Kendall. 

“Baby I am wife material. Fun wife material,” Krystal said before date.

Krystal used her time with Arie to tell him Kendall isn’t ready for marriage, and of course Kendall did not appreciate that. Instead of lashing out at her, Kendall tried to sympathize with her and act like a therapist. Talk about major flashbacks to Taylor and Corinne on their two-on-one

The only difference is the villain didn’t win. Yes, Krystal finally went home. And it’s a good thing too because Tia was about to throw herself in the river. 

“If Kendall’s bag goes and KRystal’s stays, I might as well jump in the river,” Tia said.

Of course, Krystal was heartbroken. 

“It hurts to not feel good enough,” Krystal said. “I just want to feel accepted and good enough.”

Meanwhile, the other women popped open a bottle of champagne. Now Bachelor Nation just has to wait until the Women Tell All to see her again. 

Two more women go home

The only four left without roses going into the ceremony were Jenna, Becca K., Chelsea and Seinne. When Seinne’s name was called, it was unclear who the person going home would be. Gut instincts said it would be Jenna and Becca K. without roses, but it was the woman who received the first impression rose that was left without one this week. 

It’s shocking to see Chelsea go home. It seemed like she was a frontrunner for most of the season, and it’s not going to feel the same without her. Maybe Arie wanted to get out of his pattern of dating women with children. Whatever the reasons were, hopefully he doesn't regret it at the end of all this. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC



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