After last week’s eliminations propelled The Bachelor into complete boredom, there was no telling what the hometowns might bring. The hometowns were full of seemingly tough family members, taxidermy and little weiners. Here’s how the four women fared on their hometown visits: 

Taxidermy and heart-to-hearts 

Kendall started her journey on The Bachelor as the weird taxidermy girl — and she’s still the same person during hometowns. She takes Arie to her taxidermy garage to look at her collection. The fact she needs a whole garage for this is impressive. 

But the date doesn’t stop there. They even mount their own taxidermy by stuffing rats. Then, they play with them like they’re dolls. It’s safe to say this is one of the weirdest hometown visits in Bachelor history. 

“This is some Silence of the Lambs stuff,” Arie said.


Taxidermy is the most interesting part of the hometown. Her twin sister doesn’t think they’re ready for engagement, but the parents give their blessing. But then Kendall drops the bomb that she doesn’t see herself getting engaged right now. 

Wrong move, Kendall. Don’t you know how to play The Bachelor?

Mini weiners in Weiner, Arkansas

On Tia’s hometown, she takes him to a place where Arie can be in his element — a race track. The two of them race on a dirt track where Arie does laps around Tia, who appears to be going 20 mph. It almost seems like an ode to the first group date when Tia kicked butt in the demolition derby. They seem to really enjoy their date, and everything is looking good for the couple. 

Sadly, Raven Gates isn’t in Tia’s house when they arrive, but there are little weiners. It’s only fitting to eat food that is also the name of the town. 

Tia’s brother gives Arie a hard time, but by the end of it, everyone gives Arie their blessing and some threats.  

“If you hurt her, I can find you on Google,” her dad said.

It was a solid hometown visit, and there weren’t any major surprises.  

Apple-picking in Minnesota

The most heartbreaking hometown went to Becca, who lost her father to a brain tumor. Her mom’s blessing was the most important to Becca, but it was her uncle who gave Arie the hardest time. 

Her uncle said the other uncles in the family are like her “guard dogs” because her father is not around anymore. 

“This should be her dad sitting here, not me,” her uncle said.

Honestly, this was the most emotional part of the episode, and that’s saying something because people had to watch taxidermy being mounted. 

In the end, Becca told Arie she was falling in love with him. 

“I could so see him fitting in with my family from here on out,” Becca said.

Horseback riding in Virginia Beach

Then there was the awkward hometown. 

When Arie arrived at Virginia Beach, Lauren took him horseback riding on the beach. How romantic. 

Arie was the most nervous going into the evening with Lauren’s family. He said his biggest race was the Indy 500 and that he was approaching the same level of nervousness as that race. 

Arie was afraid the whole family would be really tough on him, especially the father. Everything looked as though it wasn’t going well because her family was just sitting there staring at him. Talk about being uncomfortable. But her father pulled Arie aside and went easy one him. 

“If she likes you, I like you,” her dad said. 

Lauren’s mom is tougher on Arie. She pressures him about the other relationships and doesn’t fully give her blessing. 

“I just want you guys to be sure,” her mom said.

Raven 2.0 ends with the same fate as Raven Gates

For the pivotal rose ceremony, Arie invites the women back to where it all began: Bachelor Mansion. The women arrive in limos and await their fate. 

“Tonight is the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make in my life,” Arie said.

Before Arie hands out the roses, he pulls Kendall aside. Arie is worried Kendall isn’t ready for engagement, and she does her best to assure him she is ready for commitment.

“Kendall makes the least sense when it comes to a relationship with Arie,” Tia said.

But in Arie’s eyes, Tia made the least sense and is sent off without a rose. She was easily the most interesting person left this season and supplied the most drama. Well, she didn’t make it as far as Raven. That’s too bad.

The Bachelor will air Sunday and Monday at 8 p.m. on ABC. 


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