It is now February. The flu has officially hit Ohio University, and snow and rain are quickly approaching again. Here is some fun news to brighten your cloudy week. 

Spanish police find four tons of stolen oranges 

Authorities in Seville, Spain, detained five people at a traffic stop and discovered more than 8,000 pounds of stolen oranges in three vehicles, according to NBC News. A police patrol became suspicious when the three vehicles, driving in a convoy, suddenly changed directions after spotting authorities.

Juan Carlos Cabrera, Seville city security spokesman, said to the Europa Press that a major concern was “preserving the food security of the possible consumers who would have had these oranges.” 

Harry Styles celebrates birthday 

The former One Direction singer turned 24 years old Thursday. Twitter exploded with birthday wishes from fans and friends alike, including former bandmate Niall Horan, and of course, Harry’s mum. 

Get drunk on a meme 

Barcelona Bar, a New York City establishment famous for its Harry Potter and Top Gun shots, now offers a drinkable version of the trending Tide Pod meme, according to Mashable. The drink originally began at Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub in Pennsylvania. It does not contain detergent but most definitely contains Bailey’s, vodka and blue curaçao. 


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