Valentine’s Day has always been a time where you and your significant other can have an excuse to eat at a fancy restaurant or go on that date you’ve been talking about for ages. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just got into a new one, thinking of a gift can be a challenge. Skip the typical heart-shaped box of chocolates and check out these seven gift ideas to give that special someone this Wednesday.

1. A personalized gift book

Lovebook is a website where you can customize a book with cute drawings and quirky things about your relationship. For 15 percent off for using the code VDAY18, you can design a hardcover book showing your significant other how much you care. You can also choose what each page says if you want a more personalized message.

2. Accessories from Mountain Laurel Gifts

Mountain Laurel Gifts, located on 25 S. Court St., is not your average gift shop. Instead, the store has items such as pillows, journals, jewelry and accessories in its inventory. Whether your special someone is artsy or just wants a lavender-scented sleeping mask, Mountain Laurel holds some of the most thoughtful gifts. 

3. A coffee mug set 

Let’s face it: we all want new mugs to drink from when we, inevitably, have a late night of studying ahead of us. A mug and hot cocoa set from Walmart, 929 E. State St., could brighten anyone’s day and leads for a night of Netflix movies with hot chocolate during Wednesday’s rainy weather. 

4. An incense set

Of course candles are the go-to gift idea, but there’s something special about using a new incense stick in your apartment that sets a stress-free mood. Found at either The Import House, 68 N. Court St. , or Silver Serpent Exotic Gifts, 55 N. Court St., a set can brighten your love’s day and freshen up the air. At both locations, an animal will keep you company as you shop, so it’s a win-win situation.

5. A complete series collection of their favorite show

In a time where almost all of our favorite shows can be found on Netflix or Hulu, it can be hard to remember watching those shows on television or a DVD we got for Christmas. However, a boxed set of a show you binge-watched a few years ago will be the motivation they needed to watch it again, and they’ll be thanking you for it. This can also be used to mourn the way the show once was before sequels or bad endings and remembering the good ol’ times (I’m looking at you, Fuller House.) Boxed sets like those can also be found at Walmart or, if it’s something specific, Amazon has them as well. 

6. Laptop stickers and accessories

The lifeline for any college student, our laptops are with us almost 24/7. There’s something magical about finding the perfect sticker to fit the last empty spot on our laptops, and a fancy new keyboard cover or mouse wouldn’t hurt either. Highlighted in a previous Post report, Redbubble is just one of the places you can find the perfect laptop accessory for that special someone. 

7. A game-related gift

Although your significant other may not be a gamer, we all can entertain classics like Mario and Pokemon from time to time. Gamestop Prestige, 917 E. State St., has some of the best merchandise for games compared to smaller Gamestops around Ohio. From novelty socks to car fresheners, that store is filled with gifts for a gamer at heart or a fully fledged fan. And if they’re a fan of Pokemon, a code for redeeming either Palkia or Dialga for your 3DS game can be found at Gamestop until Feb. 28 at no cost. 


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