That will wrap up my coverage from the ESPN production truck. Special thanks to ESPN and its crew for allowing me to scratch "watching a game from ESPN" off of my bucket list. Stay up to date by keeping tabs on The Post Sports Blog.


11:31: All cameras clear. The broadcast is over. Screens read "Temple vs. Ohio / November 2, 2011 / Please keep lines open"


11:30: "Nice job everybody." —  Producer


11:28: Half of the crew went somewhere else. Now, the remaining half is directing the postgame coverage with the announcers.


11:25: The footage of the students storming the field is really cool. Since ESPN is not using much of it, my guess is that I will be one of the only people to ever see it. 


11:24: Whoever decided that Wednesday, November 2 would be the first time ESPN's main station would visit Athens did a very good job. 


11:23: ESPN's shot from across the Hocking River is honestly beautiful right now. Maybe a little more beautiful after such a great game.


11:22: The guys are on the phone with Briston, CT, the main ESPN studio, setting up instant analysis for Sportscenter.


11:21: Counting down from 30 seconds until the end of the broadcast. Goodnight ESPN!


11:20: Fans are on the field! Fans are on the field!


11:19: Beat Solich probably not. Good ESPN sign.


11:17: Remaining schedules and updated MAC schedules still on the docket for the rest of the game.


11:16: The Ozone is going crazy. In here, everyone is composed. Once again, controlled chaos describes the situation.


11:14: "If they don't get it, look to the sideline for happy people." — Tech man to crew 


11:13: Things are really heating up in the ESPN truck. Except for the fact that it's freezing. Kind of like typing outside in December.


11:11: 1:41 left in the game. Still one cut to Sportscenter to go. Also, one of the ESPN-painted students just flexed once he was cut to on camera. How did he know?


11:11: Make a wish!


11:09: If there's a touchdown, you find Solich!" Cutting four or five different angles at once. Woah! This is truly controlled chaos.


11:06: There's no time for replays — Ohio moves fast in the red zone.


11:05: OU alum and technical director Brad Shaffer just put up a triumphant first following the 50-yard catch. Ohio has over 500 total yards.


11:03: The guys have been prepping the current Brazill package all night.


11:00: With the turn of the hour, Temple goes up once again. The cameraman almost actually got hit on that PAT. "I could have caught that one. It landed next to me. I put it in my bucket." — Cameraman


10:59: The announcers mentioned Temple alum Bill Cosby for what I think is the first time in the game. I'm surprised it took that long!


10:57: Being in with the production people gives me the initiative to notice the little things, like the dissolve motions between sets of plays and the animation of the ESPN promos.


10:55: Believe it or not, the sound meter on the TV screen next to me is breaking into the mid-high yellow region. The Ozone is making some noise!


10:53: More ESPN lingo: a "cap" is the ending footage from the scene before cutting to something else, such as a commercial or the main studio in Bristol, CT.


10:51: Crew setting up break while extra point is being kicked. Everything is always one step ahead in here.


10:50: Ruling on the field stands. Very interesting to see how quick the announcement is made. The guys knew at least 10-15 seconds before the official ruling. 


10:49: Giving the officials at least a couple of views here. Running tape back and forth. Very slow-motion and such.


10:47: Waiting for phone to ring here in the truck. LaVon Brazill with an amazing "catch" here. Temple will challenge the "catch."


10:46: I'm surprised that neither of the announcers have keyed in on the Ohio coaching staff's orange shirts and play boards.


10:45: Brazill limps off to the sidelines. 


10:43: You'd think Athens drivers would know how to use the roundabout. "That's called fun TV." — Cameraman


10:42: "I'm going to do the NASCAR promo over cars driving. Just letting you guys know how cheesy that is." — Tech man to crew.


10:39: "Watch out, the ball is going to hit you in the head!" — Director to cameraman, on field goal attempt.


10:37: The cut to the studio brings viewers an ESPN Sportscenter update. While in the red zone. Not the best of timing.


10:35: The fake is Phil Hershey's thing... Nobody in the truck saw that coming.


10:35: The Marching 110 looks very good on ESPN!


10:32: Very tight orchestration on the last music piece. Guys are now pitching idea of how to fill content for fourth quarter. Score-by-quarter boxes, Temple program history and comparison to Northern Illinois vs. Toledo game being tossed around.


10:29: With three quarters in the books, everything is under control in the ESPN truck. Those who are still in the stands are in for a very good finish.


10:26: Producer Wayne Edwards just walked the technical crew through the arrow animation on screen during the replay. Very on-point communication and execution.


10:22: Temple cashes in on the pass interference call. Cameramen doing their best to find Owls fans.


10:20: The official attendence at Peden tonight was 17,490. Student turnout has to be one of the best yet, though.


10:15: The guys in the truck called that one too. Man, they're good.


10:14: A couple of producer Wayne Edwards' point-and-shoot photos just made the intro. Producers complimented Athens' beauty.


10:12: All of the confusion after the touchdown prompted the first raised voices of the night. Looking at it through the crew's perspective, any number of camera angles could have been necessary. Things can get hectic when even the people on the field don't know what's going on. 


10:07: Someone called one of the truck hardline phones — possibly looking for a review on the pass interference call — and promptly hung up.


10:05: Two different crew members called the "offensive pass interference" before the crew upstairs did.


10:03: As much as this is a highly professional atmosphere, the crew has a lot of fun during the broadcast. 


9:59: Tettleton has had plenty of shoe problems tonight. I wonder if he is using new cleats. They are black... not sure what color he normally wears.


9:57: A couple of these guys could probably call the game from the booth. They have a very fundamentally sound knowledge of the game and its ins and outs.


9:53: Everything is back underway. The crew here is hoping for an equally smooth second half operation.


9:51: ESPN Athens, as the crew temporarily refers to itself, is back on the air for the second half.


9:49: Even the combination of ESPN, a 14-14 game and a beautiful night can't keep the Ozone together for the second half. 


9:39: AC/DC's "Back in Black" — another very good pick, if you ask me. 


9:37: Word from the Ozone is that the 110 was playing Foster the People's "Pumped Up Kicks." Good choice, Dr. Suk, good choice. 


9:33: To sum up the first half: Everything ran surprisingly smooth. There were no major hiccups and, to my surprise, not a lot of yelling or scrambling. Everything is very concise and calculated. Everyone has a very good handle on the routine. 


9:30: The brilliance of ESPN: I just watched the live update from the Maple Leafs - NJ Devils game. 


9:27: The Marching 110 will surely have something impressive for the national audience.


9:21: Temple back Pierce is hobbling a bit again. 


9:18: "Athens always parties on Wednesdays." Cool sign, but definitely not indicative of my study habits.


9:14: It's not often that you see defensive players get plunked in the face like that. It's a good thing for Bobcat fans that he couldn't channel his inner David Tyree.


9:11: Crew is pretty keen on Ohio's "Relentless" campaign. 


9:08: The overall quality of things that don't even get on TV is very good as well. There really is not much broken or not usable footage.


9:06: A cool shot of a barn somewhere in Athens. Announcer giving props to Athens community, saying "my mother would love it!" 


9:03: Great shot of Tettleton diving pretty much into the camera. Solich is pulling nearly every trick in the bag tonight, too!


9:00: Tettleton just channeled his inner Andrew Luck... except with two hands. The whole crew exploded, calling out the trick play to the camera guys. Flawless execution by both the players and crew.


8:58: Every time the Ohio offense is on the field, I repeatedly hear "no replays, no replays" from the crew. Tettleton moves things too fast for much replay action.


8:55: Impressive effort by still-shirtless Ozone members. It's 46°. 


8:54: Scheduling replays is unique. The directors literally call out what they want and have it set on the screen in between plays. Effecient system.


8:50: The crew prepares for a touchdown or big play from every point in play. I would find it hard to believe that this crew gets caught off guard often. 


8:48: ESPN lingo update: "vis" means anything graphical on the screen. Examples could be moving ESPN promos, stat boxes or pictures.


8:46: Whatever frat is wearing yellow is going crazy for "Moody", one of the camera men.  


8:45: The crew is satisfied with the first quarter performance. Three more of those and they will be happy, apparently.


8:42: The coordination that it takes to set up the ads and music is underappreciated. A lot of little things go into the production.


8:40: Coyer just completed his first pass of the season. 


8:39: It's funny to see the cameras running from place to place on the sidelines. You never see anything but perfection on TV. 


8:37: And Chris Coyer enters the game for the Owls.


8:34: Temple's Chris Coyer is warming up. Also, these guys are sharp. They realized that the play two plays back was supposed to be a reverse before it fell apart. 


8:31: Aside from the top south corner, the complete east stands are filled. Kudos to the Ohio student body for coming out in bunches


8:28: The extra cinematic work that goes into these sorts of productions goes completely unnoticed. Every play is shot by more angles than I can count.


8:27: A trick play a day keeps the defenses at bay!


8:25: Back on the air after a commercial. These guys count down in unison with manual stopwatches in hand.


8:23: Wondering if the Ozone's noise is bothering Temple's play calling. I can't imagine that those two timeouts were completely desired.


8:21: Rufus gets some national TV love. Temple burns another timeout. The amount of shorthand and different "lingo" these guys use is completely over my head.


8:19: There was an ESPN camera downtown for HallOUween. That automatically puts us on a higher level!


8:17: ESPN keeps its truck very cold. Earlier I was told that it was because of the equipment. Regardless, my guess is that it is under 55° in here.


8:15: We will have impact players on screen... Now!


8:14: Tettleton looked very composed right off the bat. Now it's time to see how Temple reacts. 


8:11: The crew refers to Bristol, CT (ESPN's headquarters) like it's nothing. To a journalist such as myself, that town is sacred!


8:09: It's crazy how the truck erupts with sound as the stadium roars. These guys are professional multi-taskers. The wide shot of the Ozone is insane right now!


8:06: We are less than eight minutes into the telecast and Tettleton's father has already been mentioned. Every angle of Brazill and Dunlop's first catches. I just heard Rufus' motorcycle drive past.


8:06: Looking forward to kickoff here in the truck.


8:04: Everything goes as planned during the opening scene for the crew. Officially blacked out everywhere.


8:02: Ray Bentley and Ray Neeley are doing their thing in the box while the Bobcats enter the playing surface.


8:01: We are on the air now. 


8:00: Crew is getting ramped up for going on the air in one minute.


7:58: The Bobcats are going to be headed to the field within a matter of one or two minutes. Several are outside the locker room. Rufus is on his motorcycle.


7:56: Thunderstix were a brilliant decision. The Ozone will be making a lot of noise. 


7:53: We are sitting at seven minutes to air. One of the roof cameras is looking the opposite way for some reason, making for a really cool view of Athens. 


7:50: The west section of the stadium is relatively empty. However, the Ozone is looking filled. I haven't seen a wide shot in a while, though.


7:47: Very cool shot of the black uniforms with squeaky clean Marching 110 getups. Their pre-game breakdown has always been one of my favorites.


7:43: And we have our first ESPN appearance. Sportscenter clip appears to be running.


7:42: We are at less than 25 minutes to air. First shots of the "talent" in the booth, which is upstairs in Peden Tower. 


7:32: We are at less than a half hour to kickoff. The tech crew here is going through its equivalent of dress rehearsals.


7:27: Looking back on the highlights from the Ohio vs. Marshall game in the truck. We have new body paint: "OU (heart) ESPN."


7:23: We have green men, body paint and tons of black dotting the Ozone. It's about to get rowdy at Peden.


7:14: Camera crews keying in on tight-crop head shots of both teams' top players.


7:12: The wide shot of Peden from across the Hocking River is very unique. Only ESPN would have thought of camping out across the river.


7:10: The Ozone is starting to get some love from the ESPN crew. Keep filing 'em in, Bobcats! LaVon Brazill and company look nothing short of intimidating in their black-on-black getups.


7:05: Signs in the Ozone read: "Ohio U knows how to BLACKOUT" and "Tettleton destroys Temple defense." Nice nod to ESPN in the latter of the two. 


7:00: Bump the number of NFL team representatives in attendance to five. Bucs, Giants, Patriots, Saints and Texans are in the house. And we just got a shout-out on Pardon the Interruption.


6:54: There's E*S*P*N painted on Ohio students' bodies in the Ozone. It's not a novelty for these guys at all, though. Also, one of the cameras just scanned the press box. All of the student journalists are hard at work!


6:48: Students are starting to file into Peden. From what I can see, there isn't anything but black in the first 5-plus rows, which are already filled on the Ozone side of the field. 


6:33: There are no additional changes to the Temple lineup, says an Owls representative. If Temple were to win, it would be the first time in history that the Owls are bowl eligible three years in a row. 


6:25: Representatives from four NFL teams and the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl will be in attendance tonight. 


6:15: The crew gets word that senior linebacker Noah Keller will be wearing Marcellis Williamson's number 62 tonight. 


5:55: A small group of Ohio students decked out in their Bobcat Blackout garb stops by the truck to check things out and meet the crew. These guys look like they genuinely enjoy interacting with college kids, which is a good thing being that their jobs take them from campus-to-campus each week.


5:45: ESPN producer Wayne Edwards meets with officials inside one of the two semi trailers the crew brought to Athens. They exchange phone numbers and information and confirm an 8:05 kickoff. 

There's more coordination between the officials and crew than is apparent by watching a telecast. Without good communication, both parties' jobs would be a lot tougher, it seems. Instead of being two separate arms of the operation, their jobs are much more intertwined than one would think. 

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