Homecoming and Halloween have passed us by, and once again students are cramming for finals and will shortly be returning home. That means it is time for The Blair Niche Project to wrap things up and reflect on the past quarter.

The Project began with an article proclaiming that Kerry Collins was an underrated quarterback who did not belong in an armchair and would prove to be a solid replacement for Peyton Manning. We now know how much Peyton Manning means to the Colts, as they have not won a game without him. My credibility was hypothetically “saved” by the fact that Collins only participated in three games before he was sidelined for the year (or career?) with a concussion.

A Cincinnati Reds season recap and Columbus Blue Jackets preview were the next subjects taken on by the Project. We will not know until the spring if the Reds’ predictions come true, but until then they show the promise of being a young team to contend for the postseason — especially if Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols are picked up by teams not in the NL Central

The Blue Jackets have proven to take the same path as Kerry Collins so far this year and have completely flopped. They are dead last in the NHL and have won a measly two games so far this year. Jeff Carter’s arrival to Columbus was a major focus of the article, and he has only played in five of the team’s fourteen games. Hypothetically, if Blue Jackets fans cross their fingers on both hands and say their prayers before the next 68 games, maybe Jeff Carter can produce enough for a playoff berth.

The last two articles focused on the quarterbacks that have dominated the Heisman Trophy chase in recent years and David Stern’s position during the NBA lockout. Once again, we will not know until the end of the year if another quarterback playing in the national championship game wins college football’s top award.

As for David Stern, if only one of my columns becomes “jinxed” I would pray that it is this one. We have already missed a full week of games thus far because Nov. 1 was the first scheduled game. Only Ohio’s football team, which took the NBA’s time slot on ESPN, is grateful. Basketball fans do not want to spend a full year watching their favorite players play overseas, or miss them entirely. The only thing that would make a full year lost worth it is the implication that LeBron James would have to wait yet another year to have a shot at a title.

It’s been a great quarter as a sports fan, and the winter looks to have even more in store — especially since the Cavaliers might go undefeated at the current pace. No matter where you watch the next top-10 play, be sure to keep it classy.

Blair Elliott is a senior majoring in communication studies. Send him an email at be375607@ohiou.edu.

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