The Bobcats use their bye week to face alumni in charity event

With its first weekend off since early January, the Bobcats are set to hit the ice to take on a different type of opponent – cancer.

Ohio is set to host its fourth annual charity series this weekend to raise money for cancer research at the American Cancer Society.

The Bobcats will play against the Ice Ghosts, a team comprised of recent Ohio alumni who understand the importance of raising money for cancer research.

The event started four years ago when the mother of Jim and Jared Fuhs, both former Bobcats, was diagnosed with cancer. The Ohio coach at the time, Dan Morris, organized a series between current and former players in which a portion of ticket sales would go to cancer research.

Since then, Ohio has continued the tradition and continued to raise funds to support the cause. This year’s donation goal is $15,000, coming from a combination of sources: player/fan donations, as well as game and raffle ticket sales. Donations can be made here.

According to Ohio head coach Sean Hogan, the raffle includes autographed Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid items. Raffle tickets are $1 each and the raffle will be drawn after Saturday’s game.

“The weekend is about raising money for charity, letting the alumni come back and play and letting our guys play,” said Hogan, who also said with a laugh, “There’s not going to be any hitting I don’t think.”

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