Men talk about the nature of JJ and Clint’s bromance, what really went down in San Antonio with Shawn and what Bachelor Nation has been sending to Kaitlyn.

Last night was the much anticipated “Men Tell All” episode — the winner is still unknown, but all the previously eliminated contestants, except for the final two, appear on this show, which was recorded about a week before its aired.

The night begins with a sneak peak of the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise — a spin-off show in which some of the most controversial, interesting or most-loved contestants from previous seasons all are thrown on an island. All I gather from the preview is that this season’s Jared and Clare Crawley — horrible Clare who was on Juan Pablo’s season — make out.


Confronting Ian

After the Paradise preview, we move on to the many controversial moments of the season, particularly Ian. Ian was the guy who seemed GREAT at first but left after he called Kaitlyn shallow and said she was there for the “wrong reasons.” Upon his leaving, he complained that he needed to “have some sex” and that she “messed up in sending home a Princeton grad with a great story.”


Tanner calls Ian out and says Princeton should be teaching a class on “how not to be an asshole.” Go Tanner!

Then some random guy named Corey — “Corey with an E” — speaks up. He was sent home back when they were in New York (no one has ANY idea who he is),  and he has the nerve to agree with Ian that what he said about Kaitlyn was “spot on.” He calls her intentions “disgraceful.” 


Ben H speaks up and says “Well, I’m glad she was MY Bachelorette.” Soooo cute!

With all this added pressure, Ian decides it’s time to stand up, take off his jacket, stand in front of the guys ON ONE KNEE and apologize to them, the audience, everyone. He’s met with a lot of laughter. One of the guys asks him if he’s going to propose. Host Chris Harrison shouts, “What are you DOING?” and even has an accompanying tweet when the episode airs.

Ian, your speech would have been delivered just fine from your seat.

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Clint and JJ’s Bromance

Clint and JJ — the two infamous for their bromance and obsession with being the “villains” of the show — are called out. Clint insists he’s straight, and JJ defends himself while air-quoting everything.

JJ says they were “intellectually curious about each other,” and “there’s a lot of meat to that,” which is a pretty unfortunate analogy for someone whose sexuality is being questioned.

After a lot of arguing about whether Kaitlyn should have brought Nick onto the show (mostly from angry Josh), Clint stands up for Kaitlyn and says “saying someone else isn’t right for her, you’re saying you know better than her.” Essentially saying that his judgment is better than hers, which isn’t OK. Go Clint! Yay, feminism!

We then address JJ’s weird moment where he slapped himself in the face, and he tells Chris he did it because he “made a mistake” (*cough with Clint *cough) and someone had to do it because he “regretted every second of what he said” (to Clint).

“Corey with an E” tries to insert his voice and his opinion on JJ, whom he knew for like three days.


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Ben Z, Jared & Ben H

Watching the recap of Kaitlyn and Ben Z’s relationship is so sad. He is TOO CUTE! Still hoping he can be the next Bachelor.

We move on to my personal favorite, Jared. He tells Chris he fell in love with Kaitlyn and says it’s not hard at all to fall in love with her. Aw!

Ben H then takes the stand to talk about the weird situation that no one really understood the past few episodes. He explains that Kaitlyn had snuck into him and Shawn’s room off-camera in San Antonio and talked to them all night. After Ben showered and came back into the room, he felt the vibe was different. He had confronted Kaitlyn about that uneasy feeling, and as it turns out, that’s when Kaitlyn had told Shawn he was “the one.”

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Hate Mail

Chris then addresses the hate mail Kaitlyn has received, mostly from viewers upset at Kaitlyn for having sex with Nick before fantasy suite night. Their Twitter names are blocked off (why are we protecting their identities, again?) but the tweets call Kaitlyn a “dirty slut.”

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