In the ninth episode of The Bachelorette, Kaitlyn reveals her intimate actions with Nick to Shawn. Although he takes it better than expected at first, he confronts Nick the night after their intimate ‘fantasy suite’ date.

Last week’s episode was pretty drab, but the much-anticipated drama was finally here this week. (Spoiler: Kaitlyn will finally tell Shawn about her rendezvous with Nick. Prepare yourself.)

Kaitlyn and Ben H. kick off the episode with a one-on-one. The two take a rowboat down a river in Ireland. Why she picked Ben H. for this date and not Shawn we might never know because she could totally be recreating The Notebook with Shawn right now.


They play a little hide-and-seek and drink Guinness by a fireplace. They get foam all over their mouths and laugh, and it’s really cute. Kaitlyn brings up the fantasy suite, and Ben says he’s excited to spend the night off camera getting to really talk to her all night. As soon as Kaitlyn hears him say “talk all night,” she’s like …


…and automatically assumes that because Ben wants to spend the night talking in the fantasy suite, he’s a virgin. So she asks him, and he laughs and is like, “No, … I’m not a virgin.” Awkward.

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