The designers go to a car wash and design an outfit from unconventional materials in the latest episode of 'Project Runway: Junior.' 

After the premiere of Project Runway: Junior, those young designers make me want to believe in humanity again. Maybe that’s a little extreme and old sounding, but watch as much of the show as you possibly can and suck out all their youth before they become cynical. They are all just so grateful they can collaborate with those who are similar to them. Most of their backstories reveal that they make their own path at their school and that it's hard to overcome being different. Most of them skipped that weird teenage angst phase, and it’s glorious.

“All Dressed Up for the Car Wash” pulls a fast one on the 11 young designers with an unconventional materials challenge. It’s too soon. I want to know the designers a little better before I see their crazy, nontraditional side. They only have one day to design, and it’s really throwing them for a loop.


Tim Gunn plays a nasty trick on the teenagers when he tells them to wear their finest and wait to get picked up in a limo. They are so excited, and it’s so cute. Matt even wore his Louboutins. Everyone thinks it’s a red carpet challenge or an evening wear theme, but the limo takes them through a car wash, and they all start screaming in confusion.

Jesse, 16, rolls his eyes at the group, slightly annoyed by the screaming. Maybe I stand corrected on the teenage angst.

teen project runway another teens


Host Hannah Davis and Tim give them bags, and they have three minutes to stuff as much car wash-related supplies into their bags for an unconventional materials design.

Tim says it’s to force them to think differently. That may be true, but a car wash avant-garde design is just too much to handle right now.

When they return to the workroom, they’re all so sad to see Sami’s picture removed from the wall. But Victoria, the serious one, says it has to happen to someone.

Samantha’s win from the premiere means she has immunity. Only having one day to hone in on an avant-garde vision is freaking hard, and the designers are feeling the stress, even though they knew the challenge would come eventually.

…when youre surprised there is an unconventional challenge…


When Tim comes in for critiques, Bridget, 16, has nothing on the mannequin. Tim gives it to her straight and says he is “underwhelmed,” and she just needs to “glue gun the living daylights” out of her design.

Peytie, 15, has a bunch of mops and air fresheners. Her Cali-aesthetic looks like she walked right off of a PacSun catalog. Regardless, Tim loves the crop top she made, but tells her to nix the air freshener skirt. She won’t have enough time.

Zachary, 16, starts taking pinwheels and glues it onto a bodice. He’s unsure of the car mats for a skirt, but Tim tells him to just commit. Jaxson, 15, wants a crop top with pants, but hasn’t really given Tim anything to critique.  

We then learn Jesse’s backstory. He was adopted from Cambodia by his two dads. One of them is also a designer, which is where he gives credit to his futuristic, avant-garde style. He started hand-sewing key chains onto the shoulders, and Tim is crazy about it.

Matt’s crop top and pencil skirt include smashed up reflector lights that will be glued onto the muslin. (What’s with all the crop tops?) It’s really cool how much Matt looks up to Tim and doesn’t want to disappoint him.

Samantha hates color, and all she has are these neon blue, green and orange car wash mitts. She doesn’t want it to look Sesame Street-esque, but Tim wants her to make the harsh colors work in a fun way.

sesame street


Ysabel, 17, took a sponge and ripped it apart to make a crop top and used party flags as a skirt. The back looks especially bad. Tim shakes his head to the colors resembling Gilligan’s Island. She doesn’t even know what that means. What a shame Ysabel has not yet known The Professor.

tv gilligans island


The models come in for a fitting and a majority of the designers do not have much for them to try on. Zach’s model offered to even help him glue. Everyone has so much to do in the final hour given before the runway show the next day.

The next morning, Maya, 13, is done and starts to help Jaxson, reasoning that she can help a friend in need. See what I mean? Innocence. He admits the outfit looks “crafty” when it’s finished.

On the runway, it just doesn’t sound the same when Hannah says, “One day you’re in, the next day you’re out.” That’s 14 seasons of classical conditioning right there. The first two looks come out, and judge Kelly Osbourne freaks and continues to freak. The judges are so impressed yet again. They have four high scores and two low scores instead of the usual three and three.

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