Finals week is a rollercoaster of grief and emotion. Check out the classic cycle of grief and how it can apply to college students and the dreaded week of exams.

Finals week is over, and students have left for Winter Break. With several final exams and papers worth 20 percent of their grades, students experience a lot of emotions during this stressful week. Here are the five stages of grief students experience before, during and after finals week.

1. Denial

The unwanted thoughts creep in, and you hear your friends talk about going out or prolonging studying just for a little longer. Come out with them they said. You’ll still be able to write that paper they said. This is denial. It’s about convincing themselves they do not actually have a D in political science. They can totally make it up.

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2. Anger

Many do not like finals. We often get stressed out, and sometimes become angry at the university for scheduling three finals on one day or at the professors for not curving our grades.


3. Bargaining

The reality is students bargain during finals week. Some bargain with themselves: One hour of studying is equal to two hours of Jessica JonesStudents buy and sell study guides or flash cards from one another in hopes of making a little extra cash or passing the final with as little effort as possible. Finals is definitely a time of bargaining.

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4. Depression

After taking a really hard final, it is easy to get a little depressed. Maybe you did not do as well as you had hoped and you wish you did better. This failure can lead to depressing thoughts such as ending up living in your parents’ house the rest of your life. But don’t worry. You’ll get back on your feet soon enough.


5. Acceptance

After it’s all over, students learn to accept the aftermath of finals week. Students decide there’s nothing else left to do except wait for professors to put in the final grades. It’s time for a break and you’ll be ready to start the process all over again next semester. Students accept the grades they’ve earned, and they are just ready to enjoy Winter Break.

When finals week is over, you made it to the last stage of grief. Now, you can move on and relax during your much deserved break.



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