From food to music to dancing, countries around the world celebrate Christmas in many ways.

There are more than 160 countries in the world that celebrate Christmas. Each of these countries celebrate the holiday season in a different way. Here is a look at how different places around the world observe the festive holiday.

France: In this well-known European country, nativity scenes are placed throughout towns and cities. This is not unusual, but a few lesser-known characters are placed alongside the traditional ones. A butcher, baker, policeman and priest also make appearances.

Austria: Unlike most families here in the United States, Austrians wait until Christmas Eve to decorate the Christmas tree. They traditionally adorn their trees with gold and silver ornaments and a star made of straw.

Vietnam: In this southeast Asian country, celebrations in Vietnam mirror that of New Year’s Eve. People head into the big city on Christmas Eve to see all of the lights. Confetti is thrown and pictures are taken. Most restaurants even stay open all night.

Zimbabwe: In Zimbabwe, people kick off the celebration by going to a church service. On their way home, they go door-to-door to people's homes to party. They exchange gifts and eat all day. Most people set speakers outside of their house and play music.

Georgia: In the country of Georgia, they do not celebrate Christmas on December 25th. Instead they observe the holiday on January 7th. This is because the Georgian Orthodox Church uses the Julian calendar.

Greece: On Christmas Eve, Greek children go caroling. They play drums and triangles while they sing. The kids often carry around small model boats, which is an old tradition. If the kids sing well, they get rewarded with nuts, sweets, dried fruit or even money.

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Haiti: In Haiti, the children fill their shoes with straw and set them on their front porch. Early on Christmas day, hopeful children rush out of their homes to see if Santa removed the straw and put presents in and around their shoes.

Spain: The people of Spain start their festivities on Christmas Eve. They have a meal before mass. On their way home from mass, people carry torches down the streets and play the guitar. They claim that Christmas Eve is not a night for sleeping.

Germany: Along with Christmas, Germans also celebrate Epiphany. Epiphany is a holiday that commemorates when the Three Wise Men brought gifts to baby Jesus. Children place their shoes by the door of their house and people come by and fill them with presents and candies.

Croatia: In Croatia, boys give their girlfriends a gift found on a tree, which is usually an apple. The boys decorate the apples and give them to their sweethearts.

There are many different Christmas traditions around the world besides the U.S. If you want to find out how other countries are celebrating, you can do so here.


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