Here are 10 New Year’s resolutions and how to complete them that every college student should make this year.

It's 2016 and you have no goals for the new year. Last semester was a little shaky, and there is definitely room for improvement. You have tried to make new year’s resolutions before, but they never last. How can you be more successful this year? Here are 10, more specific new year’s resolutions many students should make in order to be more productive, healthier and overall happier.

1. Go to Ping three times a week

Getting in shape and losing that freshman 15 is a must for the new year. Many people who make a new year’s resolution list often write, “work out more,” which is unspecific and not very helpful. Instead of writing something generic that probably will not get you motivated, try having a more specific goal. Whether that may be running on the treadmill or lifting weights a few times a week. Make a workout goal that is specific to you, but is also realistic to achieve. Maybe do not plan on running on the treadmill for an hour everyday. We’re college students. We don’t have the time. The Ping Fitness Center is free with your student I.D.

Working out does not have to be an uphill battle like this kitten trying to run up a slide. Just fit a simple exercise routine into your schedule that is easily attainable.

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2. Become organized

Maybe one area of improvement for the new year is how you organize everything. Last semester, perhaps you missed a few assignments or forgot about an extra credit opportunity. There are many different techniques to get yourself more productive and organized for spring semester. First, if you do not keep a calendar, you really should. It is hard to trust your brain for remembering every little thing you have to do during the day, and for college students, it is a lot. Another way to get more organized is to start a bullet journal. This is basically a newer, more interesting way to make a to-do list. It will definitely help you plan all your events, tasks and meetings all in one handy little notebook. You can buy a Moleskine journal at the College Bookstore or University Bookstore. You can also decorate it and make it more exciting if you’re into that.


3. Have a budget

I don’t know about you, but I spent about 100 percent more money than I thought I would last semester. I decided I would set a weekly budget of $20 and log what I buy every month. This will help you spend less and save for that road trip you are planning with your friends or study abroad.

4. Set a drink limit

Athens has 19 bars and last semester, you might have had too many hangovers or crazy nights you cannot remember but everyone else can. If these things bother you, consider setting a drink limit. Don’t worry, you can still have fun and party, but maybe instead of the usual 15 drinks every Friday night, lower to 10 or wherever you want.

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5. Be more outdoorsy 

This may not sound appealing in the winter, but being outdoors is a great stress relief and is also good for you. Going outdoors has been proven to strengthen your immune system and improve your focus. Spending time outside is a much needed break for college students. So go for a hike by The Ridges, and when it gets warm outside again, lounge in College Green or Bicentennial Park.


6. Eat healthier at the dining halls

We have all experienced the comfort of Shively Dining Hall's pizza and macaroni and cheese and have gotten out of bed as early as we could on a Saturday to eat breakfast at Nelson Dining Hall. This year, consider eating healthier and try the foreign salad bar more. Every dining hall has healthy eating options. It’s all a matter of self control to stay away from those quesadillas and stir fry. Start the semester off with eating more salad and less junk food. You’ll swear off the common cold every college student gets in the winter, and you’ll feel a lot healthier too.    

7. Stay hydrated

According to, drinking water helps maintain healthy body weight, increases energy levels and can prevent headaches. Men need about 13 cups of water a day and women need nine cups of water a day. Staying hydrated can help you feel better and more energized throughout the semester, so get a CamelBak or a Nalgene bottle and use it!

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8. Get to know your professors better

Becoming friends with at least one of your professors is always a good idea. They can act as a mentor and help you figure out what you want to do with your life, because no one does. Find a professor that you connect with, and perhaps one who teaches a field you want to go into. They have a lot of advice to give and have loads of experience to help you. Also, getting on professors’ good sides can help tremendously when finals week comes around.

9. Keep in touch with the family

Students are busy in college and may not have a lot of time to call their parents or grandparents often. This year, consider calling family members on a regular basis, whether weekly or every other week. Grandma misses you, but you only call her when she sends you a birthday card with 20 bucks in it. Keep in touch with her! Same with your parents. Call them when you can, because they have done so much for you.

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10. Limit your Netflix watching

If you’re like me, you could probably spend all day watching shows on Netflix if you could. Maybe you slip on your headphones in class and watch Grey’s Anatomy while your professor talks or you stay up until 3 a.m. watching Breaking Bad or Orange is the New Black then sleep through your 8:30 a.m. class. If your Netflix addiction affects your grades, try limiting your Netflix watching by using an awards system. Allow yourself an episode once every two hours you study. This takes a lot of self control, I know, but you can do it!

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