Bruno Mars and Beyoncé had a dance battle while Coldplay played a psychedelic performance during the Super Bowl halftime show.

Coldplay may have headlined the Super Bowl halftime show, but Beyoncé stole it.

The show began with Chris Martin singing “Yellow” while crouched on the field as a bunch of people who were paid to look like fans ran behind him. He then approached the stage where the band played a very average version of its hit song “Viva La Vida.” The kids who ran on the field were now playing various rainbow string instruments to the song. Bringing kids to play with the band was a nice gesture, but it felt so done before.

Coldplay was dressed in tie-dye clothing and played rainbow instruments on top of a screen playing different optical illusions. Coldplay's outfits were the most interesting element of the group's performance, as the group didn’t have any choreography or significant special effects.

After “Viva La Vida,” a marching band joined Coldplay to play “Paradise.” Dancers performed on the field with umbrellas that looked like flowers. The dance was interesting, but I feel like the Marching 110 would have done it better.

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Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime” led into Bruno Mars’ performance of “Uptown Funk.” Bruno Mars and a handful of men — who apparently just follow him around any time he wants to perform the song — all dressed in black pleather outfits and gold chains did some pretty impressive choreography. The entire performance was more memorable than when Bruno Mars headlined the show in 2014.

“Uptown Funk” led into the real show. Beyoncé and a crew of dancers performed her new song “Formation.”

The dancer’s outfits coordinated with Bruno Mars and his dancers, and Beyoncé’s outfit in particular looked like a tribute to what Michael Jackson wore to his 1993 Super Bowl halftime show.

Beyoncé and her dancers completely won the show. The choreography had the typical Beyoncé extravagance, as the dancers performed to a marching band’s rendition of “Formation.”

Beyoncé and Bruno Mars proceeded to have a dance battle on stage to a mix of both “Uptown Funk” and “Formation.” Even the dancers competed and the part was completely absorbing. There were so many different elements to watch, but most eyes were probably on Beyoncé.

Chris Martin then joined the two to sing the end of “Uptown Funk.” Once the song ended, Beyoncé pushed the camera toward the crowd and walked off the stage.

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Chris Martin then awkwardly started playing again on the piano while images of past halftime performances scrolled across the screen. Again, it felt so been there, done that.

Beyoncé, Bruno Mars and all the band and orchestra performers then joined Coldplay on stage to sing Coldplay’s “Up and Up.” The song seemed like a strange one to end the show with, and Beyoncé outshined the other two artists with her crazy vocals — again confirming this was her halftime show.


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When the song ended, the crowd held up papers that spelled out “Believe in love” in rainbow print. Even though it supported a positive message of peace, the psychedelic effects seemed slightly corny.

Overall, the show was forgettable. Beyoncé was outstanding, but Beyoncé is always outstanding. Coldplay would have had more positive attention if Beyoncé wasn’t there. However, if she wasn’t there, everyone probably would have tuned out of the show halfway through the performance. The moral of the story is Beyoncé should headline every Super Bowl halftime show from here on out and have Lady Gaga featured after her amazing performance of the “Star Spangled Banner” at the beginning of the game.

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Now everyone is waiting for the Formation tour tickets to go on sale so we can praise our Queen Bee.


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