The Internet has outdone itself in the memeing of the potential leaders of our country.


With every noteworthy event in recent history, large or small, there comes a menagerie of memes that are created in its honor.

The 2016 presidential election is no exception. With a plentiful supply of candidates to make a mockery of (a total of six Democrats and 17 Republicans throughout the entire course of the campaign), the Internet world has had no shortage of content to mold into memes.

Here are some of the best:

Ted Cruz:

Much to Donald Trump’s dismay, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is technically a U.S. citizen and is able run for the Republican nomination, despite being born in Canada. However, his proud declaration of eligibility did not stop this masterpiece from being made.


Jeb Bush:

While Jeb (!) Bush may have ended his bid for the Republican nomination Saturday, he seems to be in a prime position to debut his hip-hop career. Watch out, Kanye West. Jeb just might be coming for your throne.


Donald Trump:

Being one of the most talked-about candidates in the race goes hand in hand with being one of the most memed, and Donald Trump’s hair has developed a legacy all its own. Many of us can log on to Twitter and find a slew of Trump memes comparing his hair to everything from a bird to a vegetable. The similarities are uncanny, don’t you think?


Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton had a historically high approval rating as secretary of state until her highly publicized email scandal. Now, the American people of the Internet have decided there is another Hillary they would much rather have in office.


Bernie Sanders:

Although Bernie Sanders may be the oldest candidate in the race, he has been especially popular with young people, thus inspiring many memes in his honor. In fact, there is even a Facebook page dedicated to Sanders memes with more than 6,000 likes. #FeelTheBern



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