Gain fashion advice from a stylish shiba inu in the first installment of the Pet Instagram Review of the Week blog.

Few things can brighten your day more quickly than a picture of a cute animal can.

It’s why I follow an embarrassing amount of pet Instagram pages, which are pages run by the pet’s owner that generally show the pets participating in various pet activities.

It sounds weird at first, and it may be just that, but I try not to think about it too much and just enjoy the ride. In this new blog series, I will pick a specific Instagram account and tell you whether it’s worth a follow.

This week, I’ll be showcasing the mensweardog account, with 252,000 Instagram followers and 418 posts, 91,000 Facebook likes and 224,000 Tumblr followers. Upon first glance, the pictures look absolutely ridiculous. Each post uses the dog, a shiba inu named Bodhi, to model menswear. I have to admit, this dog has some serious style, and the Instagram bio claims he is the “most stylish dog in the world.” It’s a brave claim, but it may be warranted. Bodhi brings in more than just Instagram followers though, as his owners receive around $15,000 a month, allowing them to quit their full-time jobs.

Quality of Pictures

This is where the mensdogwear account really shines. The pictures all look  professionally taken, and some look like they’re straight out of an alternate universe where Urban Outfitters make clothes for dogs. The best part is it looks like Bodhi actually wears all of these clothes, unless there is a photoshop expert involved as well. That’s one patient dog. It’s hard to find the line where the talent of the photographer ends and the talent of the dog begins, but either way something great is happening here. The outfits are carefully picked out, all the colors compliment each other, and Bodhi is a fantastic model. Additionally, sometimes he has other dog friends that dress up and pose for pictures as well. What more could you ask for?


When the snow clears just in time for Monday #worknotcancelled #crushedinside #currently by @mensweardog

Rate of Posts

This account is pretty consistent. Usually, a few pictures are uploaded per week, which makes me wonder where they’re getting all these clothes. Does Bodhi keep them? Does he wear clothes when he’s not getting his picture taken? These questions remain unanswered. But you’ll be seeing plenty of him once you follow this account.

Cuteness of Pet

Looks aren’t everything, and I personally believe that every dog is beautiful. However, this dog’s looks just cannot go unnoticed. It’s rare for a dog to show so much human emotion, but he does it all. He displays bliss and contemplation, and has a sort of a stoic look about him that says “Yes, I’m a dog and I dress better than you.” This is one of the most photogenic dogs I’ve seen during my time on this Earth. He was born to be in front of the camera.

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