Sara Harvey becomes a prime suspect, and some creepiness happens in the latest 'Pretty Little Liars' episode. 

Pretty Little Liars brings back some old tricks in the latest episode “Do Not Disturb.” A mix of chilling and steamy moments make the episode worth watching and actually entertaining.

Aria (Lucy Hale) is still attempting to investigate her dad, but her plans are foiled because he drops a bomb on her — he and Aria’s mom are getting back together. Aria feels too awkward to ask, but Ella (Holly Marie Combs) soon confirms that she and Byron (Chad Lowe) were together the night of Charlotte’s murder.

Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) seems tired of this secret investigation. He tells Spencer (Troian Bellisario) that maybe it's time to take the messages to the cops. Caleb is suspicious of Sara Harvey (Dre Davis), but adds that if Byron is actually the murderer then he was likely doing it to protect Aria. Spencer can’t chat for long though because she soon realizes she had a meeting scheduled that she doesn’t even remember — which is not very Spencer-like.

Emily (Shay Mitchell) and Hanna (Ashley Benson) are bonding over lies this episode. Emily is staying at Hanna’s place to avoid telling her mom about donating the eggs. Emily is freaking out but reveals it is because Alison (Sasha Pieterse) texted her about being back in town.


Because of a threat from A, Hanna and Aria then have a bonding moment searching for the tape Ashley (Laura Leighton) stole — which mostly involves tearing apart every cereal box and jar of food in the kitchen. Aria soon realizes it would be a better idea to make a fake drive, lure Sara Harvey from her room and find the 9-iron.

Later, it turns out that A probably hacked Spencer’s phone because the entire lunch meeting was a mix-up. Regardless, Spencer sits down and chats with Yvonne (Kara Royster) about being the daughter in a campaign — boring. But then at the end, Spencer steals her phone, which makes the scene a bit better.

She returns home to Caleb who is helping Hanna create a fake drive for new A (which Caleb is now calling “evil emoji”). Then, they decide to make a copy of Yvonne’s phone and trace whoever hacked it. Hanna looks at the lovebirds with a tinge of jealously in her eye before leaving to give new A the fake tape — really Hanna? 

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Then, everything just gets creepy.

While all of this is happening, Alison is at school having the creepiest interaction with Sara Harvey. Apparently this is the episode where Sara Harvey becomes a relevant character. She apologizes to Alison for lying on the stand about Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) and reveals that Charlotte meant so much to her — she was like a sister. She asks Alison to talk with her and put all the pieces together, but Alison runs off with the most disturbed look on her face. Good call, Ali. 

Alison shows up at Emily’s door to tell her all the details, but Emily is on her way out to donate her eggs alone. Alison insists on going with her. It’s not long before Emily has some hallucinations or an extremely terrifying experience. She wakes up to a nurse in the room who injects her with something. Emily begins screaming, Sara Harvey reveals herself and holds Emily down. Then Alison appears and tells her it couldn’t have been real.


While they’re off at the hospital, Aria and Spencer are breaking into Sara Harvey’s room at The Radley ­— as if circumstances couldn’t get creepier. First, her room is completely spotless aside from a hand on the floor that has a glove on it. The girls begin snooping, and Spencer finds a map in Sara Harvey’s hand drawer. The map reveals Sara Harvey is staying in this specific room because it was the same room Charlotte had when she was in Radley. Yeah, it got creepier. 

Spencer starts calling out Aria’s name, but she is gone. Spencer goes into Sara Harvey’s closet and finds a gaping hole with a medal ladder leading down to darkness — why would Aria think going down there would be a good idea?

On a sad but maybe happy note, Emily can’t donate her eggs to the anticipating couple because the couple ended up getting pregnant earlier that day. Emily puts herself on a donor’s list, which is basically bait for A. It’s not long before an empty carton of eggs is outside Emily’s door with the note “Give me the killer or I’ll use your eggs.”


Finally at the end, "evil emojis" gets a taste of his/her/their own medicine. New A plugs the drive into a computer and Caleb appears on the screen saying he is changing the rules. The computer gets a virus and Caleb is probably somewhere with a smug smile on this face. Regardless if he is seeing Spencer or Hanna, it’s Caleb all the way. 

Pretty Little Liars airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m., on Freeform


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