Olivia and Emily go on a two-on-one date and Leah shows her true colors on "The Bachelor."

After the dramatic cliff hanger on The Bachelor last week, fans are anxious to find out if Ben will finally send home Olivia once and for all.

The show begins where it left off with Ben taking Olivia aside to talk about the problems the other women brought up about her. She acts like it comes as a surprise and attributes the other women's comments to jealousy. Olivia also calls all of the others shallow and claims she just wants to “talk smart things,” which makes her sound REALLY intelligent.

Olivia comes back with the rose she left with, which leaves the girls surprised and angry. Olivia remains confident and in her monologue she tells the other women to “come at me bro,” sounding like an actual meme.

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In the rose ceremony, Emily is given the final rose and Jennifer is sent home, which isn’t surprising considering the season barely even showed her interacting with Ben at all up to this point.

Ben and the women then head to the Bahamas for the week and Caila gets a one-on-one, which makes Leah disappointed considering Caila already went on a one-on-one and Leah is always thrown into group dates. Ben tells Caila on their date that he chose her again because Kevin Hart and Ice Cube accompanied the couple on their first one-on-one, so he wanted more alone time with her.

Caila and Ben go deep sea fishing on a boat, where Ben lovingly grabs her by the fishing belt accessory. She catches a large fish and the two proceed to kiss it. Very romantic.

After fishing, they go to dinner where Ben asks Caila to be more vulnerable to him and open up. Caila proceeds to say a bunch of cliché sentences that make no sense, but Ben claims it was “one of the best dates of his life” and that he loved her “authenticity.”

The group date is announced and everyone is going except for Olivia and Emily, which means they’ll be going on the two-on-one. Yikes.

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Ben takes the group date on a boat to his “private island.” As the boat pulls up to shore, the girls see a bunch of pigs swimming in the water. They all get off the boat to feed the pigs hotdogs (made out of chicken) and swim with them. The pigs literally start chasing the girls around aggressively. It’s really obvious that Ben really ran out of dates ideas.

After they play with the pigs, the date takes a very uncomfortable turn. Lauren B. and Ben go off to swim separately while all of the other girls watch. Everyone is acting very standoffish and uncomfortable, even Ben.

Leah pulls Ben aside and starts crying about how he doesn’t know her. She says she feels like the “group date groupie,” and Ben tells her she needs to try to make the most of the day. The two don’t seem to make any progress in their relationship.

During the cocktail party, Ben addresses the awkwardness of the day with a few women. Becca tells him it’s just weird for everyone to see him having such strong connections with other people, but he isn’t necessarily doing anything wrong. Once Leah gets her chance to talk to Ben alone, she spends the entire time talking badly about Lauren B. Their conversation ends with Lauren B. interrupting them, and Ben feels uncomfortable with the things Leah said.

Ben tells Lauren B. the things that were said about her, but doesn’t specify that Leah said them. When Lauren B. goes back to the cocktail party crying, Leah fibs and says she didn’t say anything. Lauren B. is worried the comments will affect their relationship. The whole group date was a dramatic disaster.

Amanda gets the group date rose and Lauren B. is unsure of what will happen at the rose ceremony. When they get back to the house, Lauren B. and the other girls figure out Leah lied and she had to be the one to tell Ben. Meanwhile, Leah goes to Ben’s house to have a conversation because they didn’t get to finish talking at the cocktail party. She only talks poorly about Lauren B., and Ben eventually sends her home because they have no relationship and all she wants to do is talk badly about Lauren B.

Before the two-on-one, Olivia says despite the fact that Emily is the same age as her, she is going to feel like her mom on their date considering Olivia is SO mature. As the girls travel to meet Ben, the scene is very dramatic with stormy weather. The girls don’t even face each other in the car ride to the dock where Ben picks them up in a boat. The boat takes the three to an island where they drink wine awkwardly.

Ben takes Olivia aside first where she proceeds to talk about how amazing and smart she is, even saying comments like “deep intellectual things are my jam.” Olivia also tells Ben he loves her and Ben responds by just kissing her, which she proclaims is confirmation but Ben looks confused.

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When Emily and Ben speak alone, Emily uses a bunch of clichés to say she wants to experience life with him. She is having trouble speaking because the wind keeps blowing in her face, but it’s a good thing Ben was there to fix her hair in a suave manner.

After they head back to the beach, Ben takes Olivia aside with the rose in his hand, which makes Emily think she will be going home. Ben tells Olivia he can’t reciprocate the same feelings she is feeling and sends her home. Ben goes back to the beach and gives Emily the rose and the two go out on a boat, leaving Olivia alone on a small beach as thunder roars while she cries.

Back at the house, the doorman takes away Olivia’s bags and the girls freak out because she finally is leaving. Viewers, however, will miss the spectacle of Olivia’s insane proclamations of her love for Ben.

Ben dramatically reflects on the crazy week in a suit on a cliff overlooking the choppy water while Chris goes into the room of women to tell them there will be no cocktail party this week and they will head right into the rose ceremony. Ben ends up sending Lauren H. home, which isn’t very shocking.

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Even though Olivia was insane and annoying, I will miss being able to write about all of the crazy things she says each week. With six women left who all have strong connections with Ben, it will be interesting to see who will go home next week.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC. 



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