Get ready for Sunday with songs about candy, bunnies and baskets.

Easter is almost here and there's no better way to celebrate than by listening to some bunny-themed songs to get you in the mood to color eggs and carve a ham. Put these 15 songs on your playlist to get you ready for Sunday.

1. "Sugar" by Maroon 5

Easter is full of sugary peeps and chocolate eggs, and even though Adam Levine is probably not singing about Cadbury eggs, we can just pretend he is for the holiday.

food candy easter before and after microwave


2. "Roses" by The Chainsmokers

Spring! Flowers! Easter!

cat sleeping lazy roses


3. "Colors" by Halsey

Even though the song is about addiction, it also could be about all the different colors of dyed eggs.

easter comics easter eggs ordinarybatman


4. "I Want Candy" by Aaron Carter

Yay more candy!

smile awkward aaron carter i see what you did there awkward smile


5. Anything on Yeezus by Kanye West

Yeezus … Jesus … almost the same thing.

kanye west snl


6. "Jump Around" by House of Pain

Imagine the Easter bunny hopping from house to house listening to this song. It fits perfectly.



7. "The Bunny Hop" by Easter Tales

An Easter classic.

bunny cute rabbit


8. "Jump" by Kris Kross

Again, this is probably on Peter Cottontail’s playlist, too.

pink easter chandler easter bunny friends


9. "Peter Cottontail" by The Cheeky Monkey

Easter is all about the head bunny himself.

movies dog cute bird spring


10. "Jumpman" by Drake & Future

Even the Easter Bunny is a Drake fan.

music video drake hotline bling


11. "Hide Away" by Daya

Listen to this when you’re hiding all of your eggs for an Easter egg hunt!

the simpsons easter ralph wiggum easter egg


12. "Other Chicks" by Ciara

Chicks are a symbol of spring and Easter. Imagine that instead of a bunch of women Ciara’s background dancers in the music video are just a bunch of baby chickens.

bird chicks animals eating colors


13. "Candyman" by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera just needs a man to bring her peeps and Reese's eggs.

christina aguilera your body


14. "Basket Case" by Green Day

Get it? Because Easter baskets.

animals dog cute puppy bird


15. "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj

Even Nicki Minaj loves Easter! “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun.”

nicki minaj hip hop bunny nicki minaj s the game


Now hide those eggs and get ready for mass, Easter is almost here.




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