Check out the different ways to utilize your Easter leftovers as free food for the next couple days.

It’s the day after Easter, and you have a ton of leftovers from Grandma’s house that you brought back to Athens. You have a few options: wolf down some cold, unappetizing ham, let those cheesy potatoes rot in the back of the fridge or force yourself to polish off all of that candy.

Instead of binge-eating all of your leftovers, or letting them go to waste, here are some creative ways to repurpose them into tasty creations:

1. Peeps

Peeps are not only adorable, but they’re also delicious. Here’s a way to make them even better.  Heat up a frying pan, melt a little bit of butter with some cinnamon, drop Peeps in the pan to get them nice and caramelized.

via Mike Mozart on Flickr

2. Easter Bread

Easter bread is a sweet Italian bread flavored with anise, vanilla and raisins. People often eat Easter bread for breakfast, but don’t be afraid to use it for lunch and dinner as well. Two slices of Easter bread for grilled cheese, grilled PB&J or even a BLT. You can even make an Easter bread monte cristo using some leftover ham, swiss and egg bath. It’ll really hit the spot.

via Dan Previte on Flickr 

3. Ham

The pinnacle of any Easter feast is the glorious honey-baked ham, and every year, grandma sends everyone home with a few extra slices. Other than the aforementioned monte cristo, there are other ways to utilize your leftover ham. Chop it up and throw it in a salad, an omelet, or make a mini-Hawaiian pizza with pita bread, pineapple and green peppers. It’ll satisfy for sure.

via Karyn Christner on Flickr

4. Chocolate

There comes a point where you won’t be able to polish off the rest of that chocolate bunny. Instead of letting it sit there and get nasty, melt them down and use him for other stuff. Add some chocolate in your morning oatmeal, drizzle it over ice cream or even make fondue.

via Jocelyn on Flickr

5. Cheesy Potatoes

You can use your leftover cheesies to make luscious fried cheesy potato balls. Leave your potatoes in the fridge to get cold, and roll the mixture into balls. Roll the balls in flour, egg bath and crushed up corn flakes, and then lightly fry them in oil. These will give mac and cheese bites a run for their money.



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