Jill, a 3-year-old squirrel, enjoys sleeping, wearing outfits and climbing up her owner.


In Athens, we’re no strangers to squirrels — you’re pretty much guaranteed to see about five of them on your way to class. But you’ve probably never seen any of them casually dressed as the Easter bunny.

Jill (@this_girl_is_a_squirrel), a 3-year-old squirrel who was rescued after Hurricane Isaac in 2012, is a somewhat domesticated version of the rodents we’ve come to love. She appears to spend most of her time sleeping, wearing outfits or playing on what looks like a cat condo.

Quality of Pictures

The pictures are taken with a phone, but there’s a lot of videos mixed in as well. There are the expected holiday-themed posts that can be found on basically any pet Instagram page, but there are also outfits ranging from a small flower behind the ear to a a scarf and hat. The videos are kind of off-putting at first, because it’s weird to see a squirrel act so domesticated. She’s shown running down hallways, stretching before bed and climbing up her owner to get to some cashews. She even has the appearance of posing for the camera sometimes, holding props such as an easel or carrots.

Rate of Posts

Daily posts can be expected, either in the form of a picture or video. It seems to get a bit repetitive at times, not because pictures are used twice, but because basically all of the pictures are taken indoors, which can only offer so much for a background or interesting location.

Cuteness of Pet

Jill seems like a very well-mannered squirrel, and she makes it hard not to research what it takes to raise a squirrel. Obviously, she is pretty patient as well, which becomes clear when you consider the amount of times she’s posed wearing a ridiculous outfit or holding props. It’s weird to think of a squirrel having a personality, but after some digging through this page it starts to become apparent that she has one — a personality being that she definitely prefers to spend most of her time lounging around.

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Rating: 3/5

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The posts start to get pretty similar once you’ve followed the account for a while, and the picture quality isn’t always as good as it could be even with her 231,000 followers. This is a fun account to follow and it always catches me off guard when I’m scrolling on my feed because I expect to see something peculiar like Jill holding a plastic guitar.



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