This week’s review focuses on a local pug puppy who seems to appreciate rap music.


This week, the Pet Instagram of the Week will hit a little closer to home. Macho (@machopandapug), is a pug puppy who lives in Athens, Ohio. The account was brought to my attention by one of its curators who had seen the Pet Instagram blog. The account has about 370 followers, which is decent considering it’s only been in operation since January. Humorously, and sometimes confusingly, every caption consists of rap lyrics — the pet’s bio is “ 'You may be talented, but you're not Kanye West' –Kanye West.” And of course, being a puppy and all, Macho is anything but macho.

Quality of Pictures

The pictures are taken on a phone, and some of the compositions could use some work, but Macho’s cuteness generally makes up for it. He can be seen enjoying the snow, complete with a dog-sized coat and boots, or standing next to garlic bread on a stove, a post which was featured on the account @pugstagram (with more than 28,500 followers). Or, in my personal favorite post, he’s shown standing on top of a horse, which, juxtaposed next to Kanye West lyrics, is just the perfect mix of absurdity.

Rate of Posts

Since the account has only been going for a few months it’s hard to tell exactly what the post rate is like, but it appears to average a few posts a week with a few gaps every now and then. Your best bet is probably to follow this account sooner rather than later, in order to watch Macho grow up (and maybe into his name).

No one on the corner has swagger like us/Swagger like us, swagger-swagger like us #MIA #kanye #lilwayne #hova #TI #pandaexpress #swagger #swagerjagger #getafterit #believetoachieve #alwaysontop #number1 #giddyup #pug #horse #beasts #positiveenergy by @machopandapug


Cuteness of Pet

He’s a pug. He’s a puppy. What more needs to be said? It’s a formula that works every time. This tiny, innocent-looking black ball of fur has the potential to become a sensation in Athens, and maybe beyond.

Rating: 3/5

The pictures aren’t the greatest quality, but everyone has room for improvement. I think this account is promising, and the fact that Macho lives in Athens makes me particularly inclined to have hope for its success. In my opinion, it hasn’t reached its full potential yet. My advice? As Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Become what you are.”


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