We're not asking for permanent change. We just need Snoop Dogg to take his talents from Plizzanet Earth to Discovery's "Planet Earth."

If there are two things in this world that everyone should love, they are animals and Snoop Dogg. When you put those two things together, you get Plizzanet Earth. Snoop has his own version of the Discovery nature series Planet Earth called Plizzanet Earth. Plizzanet Earth has been featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and is a hit on YouTube.

The web series features a lot of misidentified animals, confusion on what the animals are doing and animals being dubbed as “cold-blooded.” In one clip, Snoop watches otters in a standoff with alligators, but he calls the otters “mongooses.” “What is these animals? … Is them mongooses?” questions Snoop.

No one needs the boring narration of people that actually know what they are talking about. We need confused Snoop Dogg yelling at an animal to run and jump from what he identifies as a “leopard and a cheetah and a lynx” before informing the audience that he is very high. We do not need to know all of the details on animals. Most people watch Planet Earth for the animal fights. Most of the content is pretty self explanatory, and it only makes it better when listening to someone be painfully wrong about what kind of animals they are. It really makes the audience feel smarter. Snoop Dogg is honestly doing everyone a service — he is boosting confidence.

My roommates and I have seen every installment of Plizzanet Earth, and it keeps us way more entertained than Planet Earth, Frozen Planet or any of the other documentaries. We need that comedic element — we need The Dogg. If people really want to learn about animals, they can go to the zoo. Planet Earth should be reserved for animal action and Snoop Dogg commentary.

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A petition was started on Change.org to get Snoop to narrate a season of Planet Earth. It gained more than 65,000 signatures. Listen to the people, Discovery, and hire Snoop. “We the people have agreed — we want Snoop Dogg to narrate full episodes of Planet Earth,” the petition states.

I am not asking for a permanent change here. I am just asking for a few episodes of Snoop and animal action. I want to hear him call an otter a mongoose or a tree frog a “geico” more often.

All of that leaves me asking one question: “What is this seal doing actin’ like a dolphin?”



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