Here’s a list of every kind of mom you will see this weekend around Athens.


This weekend is Moms Weekend, where thousands of mothers will invade Ohio University’s campus. Here is a list of the seven kinds of moms you will see walking around Athens this weekend.  

1. The mom that’s down to party with the kids

Whether it be self-identified or not, she is “the cool mom.” She can probably be found in a booth with her kid and their friends at The Crystal, The CI or Pawpurr’s Bar. Also, she will be footing the tab for all of your friends who go out with you. She will either be ordering the strongest drinks that are an “acquired” taste or the fruitiest cocktails the bar offers. You may be embarrassed if she starts busting out her dance moves at the bar of her choice.

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2. The mom that insists on taking pictures of everything

She will have a Nikon camera hanging around her neck at all times and will be making you carry her camera bag around. Whenever you point at something and try explain one story about it, she will snap a picture. She will also more than likely make you pose next to every spot on College Green and Court Street. Your cheeks will probably be hurting within an hour of her arrival.

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3. The mom that is a prOUd parent

She will be completely covered in Ohio University clothes. No doubt she will be buying every shirt that has to do with Moms Weekend and her being a parent of an OU student. She will also probably offer her child whatever OU gear they want. You will see her drinking water out of her OU water bottle while walking up and down Court Street to all the bookstores.

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4. The mom who hits on all of the guys

She will be found primarily at a bar on Court Street, but she could be anywhere. These moms will flirt with any man who looks like he’s college-aged. She may attempt to dress in a younger fashion. You may be embarrassed, but she will not stop. She will probably say she’s just joking, but no one knows for sure. She may also joke that she’s trying to get their kid a significant other, but once again, no one knows for sure.

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5. The workaholic mom

Her iPhone will be attached to the side of her face. She was able to make the trip to Athens, but work decided to follow her there. Found in her purse will be endless amounts of pens and a massive planner with scribbles about meetings for when she gets back. She will probably be asking what the wifi password is so she can check her email wherever she goes.

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6. The mom who is afraid of Court Street after dark

She will definitely not be anywhere near beloved Court Street once the sun goes down. She has heard all about the stories and read about OU’s claim to fame from this year’s party school rankings. Plan on having a night in with her or take her somewhere far away from Court Street. Also, don’t take her down the main strip early in the morning — last night’s trash will most likely still be there.

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7. The mom who is an alumna

She will be dragging you all around Athens to show you her favorite spots while she was here. Wear comfortable shoes because she will be more than excited to be back at her alma mater. She may even drag you to The Ridges to show you how she and her friends explored. She may also take you to her old sorority house and go through every picture to find her graduation class.

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