Here are a few things that you must do before the semester comes to a close. 

Ohio University students have about a month until the end of finals week on April 29, but there's still a lot of things to do in Athens during the next five weeks. Here's a list of local things to do to keep you occupied when you're not in class:
Go to your favorite bar 


Athens has a lot of bars, each with their own crowd and atmosphere. It doesn't matter if it's The J Bar, Red Brick Tavern or The Pigskin Bar and Grill — take some time before the stress of finals to visit your favorite bar one last time before summer.

Check out the Athena Cinema


The Athena Cinema is one of the city's gems. With the Athens International Film + Video Festival coming up at the beginning of April, you'll have the perfect opportunity to check out some movies before school lets out.

Have one last late night study session at Alden


Alden Library is always full of students studying, doing projects and writing papers, but there is a weird, unsaid bond that forms between everyone wishing they were asleep rather than sitting in the library at 3 a.m. 

Take in Court Street at night

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Whether it's a Monday or Saturday night, Court Street is a a sight for the eyes. Make sure you make one last trip up and down and take it in because three and a half months is a long time to be away from those bricks.

Chow down at your favorite late night eatery


If you're hungry after midnight, your options in most places are limited to fast food ... unless you're in Athens. Bobcats know there's nothing like Athens late night food, so indulge in that Big Mamma's burrito or an order of mac 'n' cheese bites from Union Street Diner.

Visit The Ridges

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The Ridges is almost as well known as OU itself. The area features ample features to explore, so make sure to take an afternoon and check out the graveyards, go to the Kennedy Museum of Art or even play some mini golf.

Go on the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

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The bike trail that runs along the Hocking River is one of the best in Ohio. There are 18 miles of natural beauty right along the outside of campus, so take a break from studying and enjoy the fresh air as you walk or bike down the trail.

Hang out on College Green

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College Green is what makes OU's campus the beautiful one that it is. On a nice spring day, make sure to head out to College Green, soak up some sun and get some studying done while you hang out at the most picturesque part of campus.

Hike up Morton or Jeff Hill


Let's be real — OU students have a love-hate relationship with Morton and Jeff Hill. We love that it's a chance to work off the ice cream or pizza from dinner without having to go to Ping, but the steep climb is a doozy. Still, take the time these last few weeks to get some Shively and make the climb back up to College Green.

Take a trip to Strouds Run or Hocking Hills State Park

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OU is surrounded by some of nature's best and there is no better time to go exploring than in spring. So take a day as the weather warms up and go take a hike, camp out and explore the beauty of Athens County.

Try something new


All year long you've been debating whether to try something new, and now's your chance. Attend a Donkey Coffee slam poetry night, a Front Room open mic night or even just eat at a different restaurant Uptown. You have a limited amount of time in Athens. Don't put something off for another year.

Get your choice coffee one last time


It's no secret that Athens is a coffee lover's paradise, with several cafe's lining Court Street alone. That being said, every Bobcat has their favorite place to get their fix. Make sure you drink enough Donkey, Brenen’s, Fluff or Court Street Coffee to get you through the day.

Pick up a daily copy of The Post one last time

Effective Fall Semester, The Post will become a weekly tabloid, which means this semester will be your last chance to pick up a new issue every day class is in session. Don't worry, though, we'll still be available 24/7 at! 


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