Abbi and Ilana’s trust gets tested on Broad City.

Abbi and Ilana learn the hard way not to trust everyone on Broad City this week.

Bevers (John Gemberling) is away for the weekend, so Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) decide to rent out both of their apartments on a website similar to Airbnb to make some extra cash. They try to sleep on Ilana’s roof for the night, but their tent is completely blown off the roof while they are in is, so they decide to hit the streets for the night. Despite the fact that the tent caused a gigantic accident in the street, Ilana and Abbi, in true millennial fashion, decide to go out and party anyway because they have no other friends to stay with.

“We need more friends, obviously,” Abbi says. But Ilana shakes her head. “No, we don’t,” Abbi says to agree with her best friend.

Abbi’s tenant is a hot French guy who she is extremely attracted to. Ilana decides to hook up with NBA star Blake Griffin, who makes a hilarious cameo, after meeting him at a party, so Abbi heads home to try to get with her guest who has been apparently “sexting” her all night. When she arrives home, she finds her door open and all the valuables in her house gone. It turns out that her tenant used her to steal her things. He was even able to break into her safe because she told him when her birthday was and he guessed that was the code for it. It’s hard not to laugh at the fact that the thief was able to guess Abbi’s passcode that easily, but it is very sad that her apartment was completely ransacked.

While Abbi is freaking out about her apartment, Ilana and Blake Griffin are getting ready to have sex.

“You know, as an athlete, I think it’s important to do some dynamic stretching before any physical activities,” Blake Griffin said.

However, after he takes his clothes off, Ilana realizes she will not be able to have sex with him because his penis is too big. They get creative by dancing around the room naked together and sip tea on the couch. Ilana is too busy not having sex to realize Abbi has been trying to call her to tell her about the break in.

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Abbi becomes desperate and calls her co-worker Trey (Paul W. Downs) to come over to sleep on her couch because the Frenchman still has her key, and she is completely freaked out. After Trey checks over the entire apartment with the baseball bat, the two watch Ratatouille on the couch on Trey’s portable DVD player. Broad City showed a different side of Abbi this week. Abbi usually goes with the flow when handling all of the misfortunes that come her way. However, she got extremely emotional in front of Trey because she stupidly trusted a stranger with her house key “just because he’s really cute.” She also doesn’t have Ilana there to lighten the mood, but Trey is doing the best he can with weird DVDs and a Louisville slugger.

Trey’s honesty and weird way of comforting Abbi show a really loving side of the usually goofy character, which is probably why Abbi decides to have sex with him during this episode. The show has hinted about this strange relationship in the past, such as when the two were drunk and made out on work out balls, but it has never been as intimate as it is in this episode. Usually a Broad City sex scene is shown as something messy and hastily done, however, this scene takes more of a romantic approach. Abbi originally goes into her own bed after they finish the movie. She then comes back to the living room to come onto Trey while he’s sleeping on the couch. Of course, the show could not end this in a romantic and ambiguous or else it would be Girls, so Trey says, “Bazinga,” after Abbi makes a move on him. This show is brilliant.

Abbi and Ilana usually tell each other everything, even the weird things. They are extremely open with one another all of the time. The opening scene of this episode even featured the two video chatting while on separate toilets while they were pooping. However, Abbi doesn’t tell Ilana about Trey. Even after Ilana finds a used condom in the trash can, Abbi attributes it to the thief.

“God, to be that horny and move that efficiently, even though I hate him, I admire it,” Ilana says about the thief supposedly having time to have sex while simultaneously stealing all of Abbi’s goods. Because the two never lie to each other, it’ll be interesting to see how Ilana reacts when she finds out about Abbi and Trey, if she ever does. If Ilana ends up finding out and becomes upset with Abbi, that could change the usual dynamic of their friendship. The show is centered around their easygoing friendship and their mutual love for each other. However, Ilana is often depicted as having a deep, emotional love for Abbi. If she ends up getting angry about Abbi lying to her, their friendship could end up becoming distant. Even if it only changes slightly so, their dynamic will forever be changed because they never argue. However, the creators could decide to have Ilana just brush off the news when she finds out so as not to disrupt the usual nature of the show.

Broad City airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central


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