Abbi tries Tinder for the first time and Jaime makes a long-anticipated return.

Ilana (Ilana Glazer) needs money after losing her job last week on Broad City and she tries to make money by doing the one thing she knows best — partying.

Ilana has a rat problem in her apartment. The nasty rodent does things like watch her dance with her friends in the living room and even steals her weed. After coughing up $400 for an exterminator, she needs a way to make up for the lost cash or else Jamie (Arturo Castro) is “going to have to sell (his) sperm again.”

An opportunity arrives literally at her doorstep when an unexpected gift basket filled with fancy foods is delivered to her apartment. Originally thinking it was a gift from Jaime’s parents, the two decide to throw an elaborate party filled with hors d'oeuvres made by Lincoln “the Chopped champion” (Hannibal Buress) with the contents of the basket. Ilana also sets out over a dozen different kinds of weed in little bowls like appetizer trays for her paying guests to enjoy like a good hostess.

Jaime’s return to the show for the first time this season comes with a new attitude. He is no longer going to let people walk all over him. He begins speaking his mind by telling his romantic interest that his moustache makes him look like he “touch(es) the little children” and rearranges the apartment without telling Ilana. Both of these things end up getting him a date and Ilana’s approval, so it will be interesting to see how the new Jaime will add a different element to the show because his timidness has always added an extra comedic factor.

Abbi’s (Abbi Jacobson) love life is still extremely rocky. After making out with Trey (Paul W. Downs) for roughly five seconds while sitting on exercise balls at a work party, she drunkenly decides to download Tinder to try to find men. She invites every match over to Ilana’s party and is always disappointed, however Ilana is pumped because all of the men are paying her cover charge. Some of the men post misleading pictures on their profiles and lie about themselves. One of the matches shows her his swastika chest tattoo, and she tells him to take an Uber because “that’s German right?” The way this episode made a mockery of the popular dating app shows an often unfortunate reality that comes along with online dating. A user often doesn’t know who they are going to meet, and, though it was dramaticized, a lot of people often lie about who they are or what they look like in order to go on a date with someone, which is a sad reality.

Abbi’s mind is later completely blown when she finds out she would have swiped right on the men she didn’t like, and her Tinder experience ends almost as quickly as it begun which would be expected considering how poorly her love life has been going this season and the fact that she often is not very tech-savy. Poor Abbi, all she wanted to do was to kiss a nice stranger for a few minutes.

Her luck changes when a mailman arrives at the door explaining that he dropped a basket off at the house that didn’t belong to them, Abbi takes him aside to a room to make out while Lincoln and Ilana try to repair the basket by filling it with random household items like saltines and marbles. Even though the fake basket did not fool the mailman, Abbi still got to make out with someone without using the internet, which goes to show that maybe she should just try to look for love the old fashion way.

Ilana’s party was somewhat of a success despite the fact the rat made an appearance halfway through. She worked to distract her guests and used every resource available to her — even a cat — to catch it. When she looks inside the fraudulent basket after the mailman leaves, she sees the rat inside accompanied with several newborn rat babies. She relates to the rat, for some reason, and discovers a newfound love for her house pest. Despite the fact that the rat is a mother and Ilana really only has Jaime, who sort of acts like her son, she is somewhat similar to the rodent. They are both often seen as nuisances, love cheese and completely freak out all of the guests at her party. Oh well, at least Ilana got her money back and has a new pet — or six.

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This week’s episode took a traditional party scene and put a total Broad City spin on it. It included clichés like drugs and random make-outs, but completely amped them up by adding the influx of Tinder matches and Lincoln making elaborate small plates out of gift basket contents. An Abbi and Ilana party may not be what a regular partier would be interested in, but it would probably be way more entertaining.

Broad City airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.


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