Killian's brother makes an appearance and Hades tries to prevent the characters of Once Upon A Time from figuring out his past. 

In the world of Once Upon a Time, souls are still as lost as ever and characters try sneaky attempts to be brought back to life.

In “The Brothers Jones,” we learn a little bit about Killian (Colin O'Donoghue) and his brother, Liam (Bernard Curry). There is also a huge reveal about Hades’ (Greg Germann) past. The gang continues their mission to save as many souls as they can and attempt to destroy Hades as they go along.

“The Brothers Jones” starts off with Cruella (Victoria Smurfit) and Henry (Jared Gilmore) speeding down a road in search for the author’s quill. Cruella wants Henry — the author — to rewrite her story and bring her back to life. Henry sees a bright light in the woods and they go after it. When Cruella isn’t looking, the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Timothy Webber) appears and warns Henry not to resurrect Cruella. The Apprentice tells him if he finds the key to the Sorcerer’s mansion, he’ll find the quill. The Apprentice warns him to use the quill wisely.  

In the meantime, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) gets some alone time with Killian. Emma fixes Killian’s bloody face and his handsome face is back to normal. They are interrupted by a knock on the door. It’s Killian’s brother, Liam.



In the show’s first flashback, it shows Killian and Liam working on the cargo ship owned by Captain Silver, whom their father sold them to. Liam and Killian want to leave the crew and join the Royal Navy, so Liam sets off to get the king’s seal of approval.

Back in Underbrooke, Liam reveals that there is a book that can defeat Hades. Emma thinks it could possibly be the Underworld version of the original storybook. If they find the book, they’re hoping they can exploit Hades’ weaknesses. While everyone is searching for the book, Liam spends some quality time with Emma. He doesn’t think she is good enough for Killian because she sent him spiralling down into darkness. Henry arrives and says he might know where the storybook is — in the Sorcerer’s mansion, which is also where the quill is. The only catch is the sheriff has the key to the mansion and the sheriff is David’s (Josh Dallas) evil twin brother, James.

In the past, Liam comes back from receiving certificates to get in the Navy. While Liam was gone, Captain Silver got Killian drunk and he gambled his money away. Instead of leaving for the Navy, Liam stays behind with his brother. Now that is true brotherly love.

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In Underbrooke, Hades shows up at the bar where Liam works. Hades wants Liam to find the book and destroy the few pages that have him it. If he doesn’t, Hades will tell Killian Liam’s biggest secret — the reason he is in the Underworld. What could Liam have done that would cause his brother to hate him?

Snow and David go to the Sheriff’s office to find the key to the mansion. It’s sitting in the unlocked, top drawer of his desk. That was way too easy. When they are about to leave, Snow and David are interrupted by Cruella. Cruella is looking for James, so Snow hides and David pretends to be his brother.  

Emma, Killian, Liam and Regina go to the Sorcerer’s house to look for the Storybook while Henry searches for the quill. Liam is the first one to find the book. Oh, no! He rips out all of the pages that have Hades on them. Liam must have done something really awful. This is terrible. They are never going to find a way to defeat Hades.

I Give Up


On the ship, Captain Silver is steering the crew right into a hurricane in order to obtain a stone called the Eye of the Storm. Can you guess where it’s located? Yup, the eye of the storm. How original. Liam and Killian overthrow the captain and look for a way around the storm.

In the Sheriff’s office, David is trying to get rid of Cruella. Cruella gives David a big fat kiss on the lips and David freaks out. Cruella knows that it was David the entire time because he doesn’t have the same “damage” that James has. It turns out, the reason James is in the Underworld is because their mom chose David to live with her and James resents her for it.

Back in the mansion, when everyone else reaches the book, they see the pages containing Hades’ story are ripped out. Liam pretends he doesn’t know where the pages are. He says that he thinks the might be in the house and he won’t stop looking until he finds them. Yeah, right.

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On the ship, Liam ventures down to the captain’s quarters to plot a different route and Hades appears. What is going on?! Hades wants everyone on the ship to die and go to the Underworld. Hades says he’ll keep Liam and Killian safe in return for everyone else’s death. Hades even offers him another possession — the Eye of the Storm. Liam returns to the deck and steers the boat into the storm just as Hades asked him to. Killian and Liam wash up on shore right in front of some people in the Royal Navy. Liam gives them the stone and they earn a spot on their ship.

While Regina, Henry and Killian are searching the house for the pages, Liam goes behind the house and throws the pages down a well. Emma sees him and confronts him. Killian hears the quarrel and, instead of siding with Emma, he believes his brother. Killian then tells Emma that he doesn’t want to return to Storybrooke and wants to move on to a better place. When Emma leaves, Killian takes Liam’s hand and sees ink from the book’s pages, thus proving that Emma was right. While they are talking, the crew members from the ship in the flashbacks show up and tell Killan that his brother isn’t who he thinks he is. Captain Silver was in the bar when Hades was making a deal with Liam. Killian is angry that Liam lied to him. Captain Silver is making them both pay for Liam’s mistake. He makes them “walk the plank” into a pit of fire. Hades intervenes and sends the captain over the edge. Hades wants to kill Killian and save Liam. Liam won’t allow it and sacrifices himself. Before he topples over the edge, Killian grabs his hand and tells Liam that he forgives him, but Liam doesn’t forgive himself and falls into the fire. Then the scenery shifts and a sea and ship appear. Liam has resolved his unfinished business and is off to a better place.

Killian returns to Emma to tell her he does deserve to be saved and he wants to return to Storybrooke. They share a passionate kiss. The camera shifts to Henry who is in the Sorcerer’s mansion. The quill, along with some ink, was hidden under a lampshade. Henry returns to David and Snow’s Underbrooke apartment. He hides the quill at first, but after a pep talk from David, he shows everyone. Henry devises a plan to rewrite Hades’ story.

At the mention of Hades, the camera cuts to the evil villain. He is fishing his pages from the Storybook out of a swirl of fog. One of the pages shows him and Zelena. Hades says, “Don’t worry Zelena, our secret romance is safe.”



Oh. My. Goodnes. Once Upon A Time has thrown yet another curveball. Hades is the most evil male villain of the series and Zelena was a total “witch.” It’s only fitting that they were — maybe they still are? — in love. What does this mean for the rest of season five? Is Zelena going to come to the Underworld and team up with Hades? If she does, Emma and the gang are going to be in a lot of danger.

—Once Upon A Time airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Rating: 4.5/5


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