Notable contestants such as Jubilee and Caila explain what it was like after being sent home from The Bachelor.

The rejected women are back, ready to get their questions answered and say what they really feel about their experience on The Bachelor during “The Women Tell All.”

The show begins with the contestants reflecting on how hot Ben was when they first met him. They discuss first impressions of certain women — cough cough Olivia — and a montage of the most iconic moments of the season.

Tiara also brings one of her chickens as a date to the two-hour show, which at one point, attacked an unfortunate Lace who was sitting next to her.

The women argue about certain issues such as Leah’s lies and confrontational things Jubilee said during her time spent at the Bachelor mansion. Jami is especially offended about racially offensive comments Jubilee said about her “blackness,” and Jubilee feels extremely attacked.

After a dramatic commercial break, Jubilee is put in the hot seat to talk about when she was “dumped” by Ben and continues to talk about how controversial she is. Host Chris Harrison plays Dr. Phil and tells Jubilee that despite her difficult past, she will find love someday. He even paused the show to thank her for her service, which was uncomfortable but polite.

Lace’s hot seat begins with her fakely talking about how genuine she is, but she abruptly is interrupted by an audience member who calls her “crazy beautiful” and shows off a tattoo of her face on his side. The interview stops so Lace can take a selfie with the strange man’s tattoo, and even Chris Harrison said the show needs to amp up security. After talking about her journey to “find herself” and following the advice of her trusty tattoo, she accepts Chris Harrison’s invite to appear on Bachelor in Paradise. Thank god, Lace is born to be on camera.

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The highly-anticipated Olivia hot seat arrives, and she is extremely emotional watching recaps of her and Ben’s relationship. She talks about how in love with Ben she was and how no one got the chance to know her on the show. The other contestants cannot help but laugh and smirk at her fakeness. They confront her about everything she did wrong, except for Leah who defends her at one point, and Olivia tries to explain her rude behaviors on the show, especially when she disrespected Amanda by relating her to Teen Mom. Amanda will not let it slide, however, and stands up for moms everywhere when she declares how happy she is to be a mom: “Being a mom is my jam.” She receives a loud round of applause — probably because most of the audience is filled with middle-aged moms.

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Eventually, Olivia gets pushed over the edge and begins crying and relating her experience on the show to her elementary school experiences of being “severely bullied,” especially when the other contestants poked fun at her body. The audience actually feels for her as she says how hard her life has been post-Bachelor, especially being bullied by viewers online. Amanda accepts her sincere apology, and it seems the other women and the viewers of the show actually put themselves in her shoes for once and somewhat understand where she is coming from. All I know is that I miss watching her craziness unfold on TV every Monday, and ABC should probably just give her her own show already.

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Lastly, Caila gets put in the hot seat, and for the first time, she watches Ben break up with her on screen. The audience gives her a lot of support, knowing how hard it was to watch her love a man who did not love her back. She has gratitude for Ben, though, and wants someone to look at her the way he looks at JoJo and Lauren B. (aka the weirdest love triangle ever.) Caila is nice, and I feel for her heart break, but she is just too boring to be the next Bachelorette. According to rumors from Us Weekly, she might be the next Bachelorette, but Amanda or Jubilee would be better candidates because of their more interesting personalities. Even Lace would be a good candidate, and it would, without a doubt, be an interesting season to watch.

The moment arrives, and Ben gets put in the hot seat to face all of the women he dumped. However, he seems most excited to get to see Tiara’s chicken again. All the women have gratitude for him despite the fact he rejected all of them. Even when Leah and Jubilee confront him on the way things ended, they seem to get a sense of closure from his very vague response. Chris Harrison was right. Ben has been a very cordial Bachelor despite the fact that he currently has two loves of his life. To each their own.


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