Stay out of the cold and enjoy some of the best dog movies ever made. 

Dogs make everything better, especially movies. Here are the 14 movies, in no particular order, that are centered on man's best friend. 

1. The entire Air Bud series

What could be better than a golden retriever playing basketball and volleyball? Oh yeah, Air Buddies. Every movie in the series should have won an Oscar.


golden retriever air bud dog fail beach


2. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

When two dogs and a cat go on a journey to find their way back home, they encounter several twists and turns to try to inhibit them from making it home. Homeward Bound shows us that pets are smart, and there’s no place like home.

homeward bound


3. 101 Dalmatians

The movie literally has 101 small-spotted dogs. You can’t really top that.

disney warning 101 dalmatians doggy disney s


4. Fox and the Hound

Even though the movie is sad, nothing could be cuter than a fox and a dog who are friends.

love animals disney fox friends


5. Best in Show

Crazy dog owners and pampered pooches are the most hilarious combination.

O&O, Inc wtf omg gifscapade best in show


6. Marley & Me

If you went to watch Marley & Me and didn’t leave the theater crying, you are probably a monster. Owen Wilson also showed he can be a very compassionate BFF to a dog.

love movie marley and me marley me marley y yo


7. Beethoven

A goofy St. Bernard who is too big to fit in his own home anymore causes problems for his family. It is cute to see a clumsy dog make a bunch of mistakes, but it's also sad because he doesn’t realize how big he is.

90s animals retro 1990s dogs


8. Shiloh

It's another depressing dog movie, but it is absolutely adorable. Marty, the boy who rescues Shiloh, protects the beagle.

dog chelsea beagle love dogs


9. Bolt

Bolt thinks he is a real-life superhero when he actually is just a dog on a TV show. His delusional thoughts help him when he adventures through the streets of New York City. Also, Miley Cyrus voices Penny and John Travolta voices Bolt, so it can’t really get any better than that.

Disney dog cute ears bolt


10. Old Yeller

Another depressing dog movie, but Old Yeller and Travis’ friendship is goals. Old Yeller is definitely a classic dog movie that everyone needs to see.


11. Lady and the Tramp

It’s like Romeo and Juliet for dogs! It's the perfect date night movie.

love disney romantic dinner lady and the tramp


12. Snow Dogs

Cuba Gooding Jr. finds himself while dog sledding in Alaska with a pack of cute Siberian Huskies. Puppies in the snow make even the coldest of hearts melt.

animals dogs wolf puppies alaska


13. Lassie

The border collie helps a young boy through his life and through growing up. What a great mentor!

Cheezburger animals dog workout treadmill


14. Beverly Hills Chihuahua

When a high-class Chihuahua gets lost in Mexico, she receives help from two street dogs to find her way back home. The movie teaches people that unlike personalities can be the best of friends.

chihuahua animals dog watching posing



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