Don’t leave for 14Fest this weekend without these seven essentials.

Number Fest — it’s here. If 14Fest will be your first, it can be a little intimidating not knowing what to expect. By watching fest videos and anticipating what it’s going to be like, there’s an element of uncertainty that can add to the excitement. Make sure you don’t leave for Number Fest without these seven essentials:

1.Your ticket

These tips are pointless if you can’t even get in. It might seem obvious but it can be easy to get caught up in the excitement of the day you and your friends have been anticipating for months. Before you leave, check once, twice, THREE TIMES that your ticket is with you. Don’t be that friend with the deer-in-the-headlights stare as soon as you get to the entrance because your ticket is still sitting on top of a case of Natural Light at your pre-game location.

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2. Shoes you don’t care for

It’s almost a guarantee at Number Fest your shoes will take a beating. Usually the damage is irreversible. Plan on wearing your pearly white Converse? There’s no way. They will be laid to rest come Sunday morning in your trash can. RIP. Don’t be afraid to wear the sneakers that have been hidden away in your closet since 2010. You won’t miss them if they have to get tossed.



3. Put your phone in a Ziplock baggy

The fest-hack all freshman wish they knew. Even with a reliable and durable phone case, there’s no coming back from a dropped phone in mud that can be inches deep.

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4. Plenty of phone storage

There is nothing worse than being in a moment that needs to be captured, pulling out the camera phone, and getting the unfortunate notification that “storage is too full to take photo.” You are going to want to remember your 14Fest shenanigans for years to come. So delete all those selfies you know you’re never going to post. Make room before Saturday for all the memories you’re about to make.



5. Charged phone/meeting place

What good is all that open phone storage with a dead phone? A fun, stress-free fest can turn sour real fast when you lose your friends with a phone at 1 percent. Keeping your phone on airplane mode until you need to make a call or text can also be a life-saver.

In addition, expect to have zero cell phone service, so have a meeting place all your friends can recognize just in case you get separated. It’s likely to happen.

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6. Granola bars in the fanny pack

Yes, food trucks are available at the Fest site. However, lines can be long and sometimes pricey. This might sound like your mother talking to you before you head off to summer camp, but she was right. Stashing away some granola bars before you head out for the day can give you that quick protein that you need to keep you festing. A drop in blood sugar is a bad combination with alcohol and with an entire day in the sun, it can become dangerous without realizing it until it’s too late.

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7. A positive Bobcat attitude

While it might sound cheesy, it’s true and it can make or break your entire Fest experience. College is stressful, so let this be your last hurrah before finals week. For one day, let yourself forget about all the exams coming up, that internship you really wanted to land this summer but didn’t or that person that broke your heart last weekend. Let go and leave your worries for Monday.

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