Doug the Pug, who has almost 2 million instagram followers, is shown wearing many different clothes next to many different foods.


Since the dawn of time, there have been plenty of famous dogs. There’s Toto, the lovable Cairn Terrier from The Wizard of Oz. And who could forget Buddy, the Golden Retriever who was cast both as the lead role in Air Bud and as Comet in Full House? But this week’s pet has something they don’t —  1.6 million Instagram followers. Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug), is one of the more well-known pet Instagram accounts. He’s made an appearance on Good Morning America and in the hearts of us all.

Quality of Pictures

Doug’s owner quit her job to manage this account. So, needless to say, she has —and it shows. In a recent post, Doug is shown wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a straw hat and socks and sandals, posing with a bottle of Corona Light. As this post clearly demonstrates, Doug is a very chill dog. He wears all kinds of clothes and poses with all kinds of food. Seriously — you name it, Doug has probably posed with it. The pictures are taken on a phone, but they’re well-composed and well-lit, so it doesn’t detract from the Doug experience.

"I wish tacos knew how much I love them" -Doug by @itsdougthepug

Rate of Posts

Averaging between one to three posts a day, you will be presented with more pictures of a pug with cheeseburgers than you’ll know what to do with. But then again, if this was your source of income, you’d probably have some fun with it too, right?

Cuteness of Pet

He’s the second pug featured in this series, so I apologize for the repetition of dog breeds, but it was hard to pass this guy up. In some posts he looks blissfully happy, sticking his tongue out and genuinely having a good time. In others, he looks adorably concerned — his face giving the impression that he’s consumed with existential thoughts such as “I am being posed wearing a pizza shirt next to a real piece of pizza. How did I get here?”

Rating: 5/5

Doug is a good dog. He’s a good sport for putting up with all of his owner’s absurdity, even if he doesn’t always look so happy about it. The famous pug is even up for a Webby this year. A steady stream of posts, an adorable dog, the plethora of outfits and the tasty looking foods were all factors in the 5/5 rating of this page. You really get a taste of it all when you follow Doug the Pug.


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