This week’s Instagram Review showcases a fluffy exotic shorthair cat named Snoopy.

It doesn’t take much for a cat to take the internet by storm. Grumpy Cat, the cat who looks perpetually angry because her mouth resembles a frown, became a celebrity when the world fell in love with her. Unfortunately, Grumpy Cat sold out and is now profiting immensely from her fame. This next cat has not sold out, and she did not forget where she came from, and most importantly, she has an adorable frowny face. Snoopy (@snoopybabe), an exotic shorthair cat, is the star of this week’s review. She looks very sad, but let’s hope looks are deceiving in this case. In some pictures, she looks so fluffy she almost looks like a stuffed animal and not like a real cat.

Quality of Pictures

All of the pictures on this account are very nice. They are taken with a camera, so followers get to enjoy Snoopy’s sad face in high resolution. Some pictures show her wearing outfits, like a pirate outfit or a very small cat hat. Other pictures are just close-ups of her puffy face. In one picture, she appears to be taking a selfie on a phone while laying on the ground.

Instagram photo by SNOOPY·babe * Jan 6, 2013 at 4:46pm UTC by @snoopybabe

Rate of Posts

Snoopy’s owner updates the account every couple of days or so. For those looking for a daily fix of sad cats, look elsewhere. For those who can handle a lapse in posts, this account is for you. You won’t get a post every day, but some days have multiple posts to make up for the inconsistency.

Cuteness of Pet

This is where the account shines. Snoopy is an incredible looking cat, and I didn’t believe my eyes at first. How can a cat look so sad, yet so adorable? That’s a question I can’t answer. What I do know, however, is that Snoopy is a very special cat who dresses up for us all to enjoy. You just have to appreciate that.

Rating: 4/5

This account isn’t updated as much as I would prefer, but every other aspect is pretty much up to par with what I expect from a pet Instagram account. The pictures are high-quality, the cat is amazing, and there are outfits involved. That is the formula for a nearly perfect account.


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