Abbi and Ilana are headed to Israel and it’s a surprise they even make it on the plane in "Broad City."

After a drama-filled episode last week, Abbi and Ilana’s outrageous antics and hilarious misfortunes remind viewers that Broad City is still the same show with this week’s episode “Getting There.”

Abbi (Abbi Jacobson) and Ilana (Ilana Glazer) are headed on vacation this week, but it doesn’t exactly start off on the right foot, which is mostly Ilana’s fault. She wakes up late on the morning of their flight, almost misses the subway and forgets her passport.

“I'm a f--king baby grownup,” Ilana says after realizing she forgot it. The women also get stuck on the subway because there is a body on the tracks. In order to pass the time, they talk about how they would survive if the subway was stuck forever by playing a game in which they decide “who would (they) f--uck, who would (they) marry and who would (they) eat.” Even though they are in a pretty morbid situation, it is good to see that Abbi’s lies about Trey (Paul W. Downs) haven’t torn apart their friendship. They still are able to play weird games in uncomfortable situations like old times, which is good news for every devout fan.

After getting a shady taxi ride from a 15-year-old boy who professed his love to both of the women, Abbi and Ilana get Ilana's passport and finally make it to the airport. After they cut everyone in line at TSA, Abbi notices Ilana has a big red stain all over the back of her paints. She assumes Ilana got her period, however Ilana says the red stain is a decoy to help her sneak weed onto the plane, because there is no way they could survive international travel without a little marijuana.

“We packing — we packing heat,” Ilana says as Abbi begins to freak out. A drug security dog comes up to Ilana and begins to stick its head directly in her stain, and Ilana freaks out and says that dog is “sexually harassing” her. Ilana somehow always manages to make really stupid decisions but does them in an ingenious way so she never gets caught.

After throwing a shoe at one of the flight attendants in order to get on their plane, Abbi and Ilana finally make it all the way to their coach seats.

“You are two lucky Jews,” the flight attendant says angrily, which is the first indication of where the two best friends are actually headed.

This episode is kind of confusing because the audience has no idea where Abbi and Ilana are going until they get on the plane and a man wearing a Star of David shirt checks the women into their flight and says they are going to Israel for free. Like older episodes of the show, the two prove that it isn’t about the destination, it’s about the journey.

“Dude we better not make any new friends on this trip,” Ilana says to Abbi as the entire plane breaks out into a loud chant of “Jews! Jews! Jews!” It is obvious that they are extremely out of their element, but it is good to see the women get out of NYC for awhile and do something for themselves, even if it is unexpected.

The real disaster occurs when Abbi and Ilana find out they are separated on the plane. They are set to sit by people according to “match potential,” according to the group leader, because for some reason this trip is also all about repopulating people of Jewish faith. Abbi sits by a flamboyant Frenchman, and Ilana sits by a good looking man who tries to flirt with her, but she is not having it.

“I’m grieving. I just experienced a loss,” she says, referring to her and Abbi’s distant seats.

The episode ends with them dramatically whispering “I miss you” to one another from across the plane, but it is still “To be continued.”

Abbi and Ilana have never acted extremely religious on the show, so it is strange to see them going on a very Jewish-oriented trip. However, after Ilana went through her devastating break-up from Lincoln (Hannibal Buress) last week and Abbi nearly ruined things with Trey, the two needed a vacation. And let’s face it, if they went somewhere basic like Florida or California, it wouldn’t be true to the Broad City style.

Broad City airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central. 



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