In the newest episode of Once Upon A Time, Oncers finally get a peek at Hades and Zelena’s relationship.

In the previous episode of Once Upon A Time, we learned Hades (Greg Germann) and Zelena (Rebecca Mader) have a romantic past. In the newest episode, “Our Decay,” we get a glimpse into how the two of them met and their budding romance.

In the land of Oz, many years ago, Zelena sits in the palace of the Emerald City. A flying monkey swoops in with a scarecrow in its talons. Zelena wants the Scarecrow’s brain so she can make a time traveling potion. This is the same potion she tried to make a couple seasons ago, but failed. Before she can rip the brain from the Scarecrow’s head, a girl barges in through the doors. Her name is Dorothy Gale (Teri Reeves) and she is there to save the Scarecrow. Zelena tries to kill Dorothy, but her dog — whose name, I’m assuming, is still Toto — pulls on a cord. A curtain falls on Zelena and Dorothy escapes with the Scarecrow.  

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In Underbrooke, Hades forces Rumple (Robert Carlyle) to create a portal so he can get to Storybrooke and take Zelena’s baby. Rumple opens the portal.

In Storybrooke, Belle (Emilie de Ravin) goes to the infirmary in the faeries’ house. She approaches the cribs and the Blue Fairy (Keegan Connor Tracy) appears with bottles of milk. Belle notices the Blue Fairy isn’t acting like her usual self. In fact, Bell notices she isn’t the Blue Fairy at all. The real Blue Fairy comes in and the fake one turns out to be Zelena. Zelena wants her — and Robin’s, in case you forgot — baby. All of a sudden, the floor splits open to reveal a portal. Zelena jumps in and Belle and the baby follow her.

In Hades’ lair, no one comes through the portal. Hades is confused. Yes, Hades and Zelena have some kind of romantic history, but why does he need her baby? This is shady. I’m guessing he has ulterior motives. There is no way he is saving this baby to protect it or as some sort of gift to Zelena.

Zelena, Belle and the baby turn up in the Underworld. Zelena knows that Hades wants the baby. Belle doesn’t trust Zelena and runs away with the baby.

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In Oz, Zelena is trying to figure out where the Scarecrow and Dorothy are by threatening the munchkins. Hades shows up because he is impressed with Zelena’s powers. Hades wants to help her brew the time travel potion, but why? It's unclear why Hades wants to help Zelena? Zelena tells him she doesn’t need help and disappears.

In the Underbrooke apartment, Henry (Jared Gilmore) is working on the story so they can figure out a way to defeat Hades. He is discouraged because he does not remember writing what he produced. They hear a knock on the door. It’s Zelena saying her and Robin’s baby is in danger.

In Oz, Zelena and Hades bond over the hate for their older siblings. Hades reveals that there is only one way he can return to the man he was before condemned to Hell: He has to receive true love’s kiss. Of course he does. Evidently a kiss is the solution to everything in Once Upon A Time. Is the woman you love dead? No problem, just kiss her on the lips and they’ll resurrect in a matter of seconds. This scene shows just how similar Hades and Zelena really are. They both have older siblings they despise and envy and they both want revenge. It is quite uncanny. If they are truly in love, there is no telling what they might do.

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The next scene follows Belle to the Underbrooke library. Rumple emerges from the elevator that leads to Hades’ lair. Belle steps out into the open. Rumple seems happy at first but then worries that she’s dead. Belle quickly stifles his worries. Rumple explains that Hades made him create the portal and that he did it to save his second-born child. Belle is confused because he doesn’t have another child.

Rumple tells her that she’s pregnant. Belle is happy at first, but realizes that in order to make a deal of this caliber, Rumple must be the Dark One again. Belle is disgusted. Rumple can’t get rid of his thirst for power. Power must be one thing true love cannot overcome. Rumple needs to give up on being the Dark One because Belle really loves him. He needs to realize that Belle and their unborn child can make him happy.

Back in Oz, Hades and Zelena go to the place where Dorothy's house landed. They find a bike and they go on a lovely ride through a dark, foggy forest. This is the weirdest date ever. Hades tells Zelena that the bike belonged to Dorothy. All they have to do is enchant the bike and it’ll take them to her and the Scarecrow. The bike takes them to a house. The Scarecrow and Dorothy come out. Zelena walks over and rips out the Scarecrow’s brain. When Zelena turns around to tell Hades, she notices that he is gone.

In Underbrooke, Robin (Sean Maguire), Zelena and Regina (Lana Parrilla) find Belle in the forest carrying the baby. The baby starts crying. Zelena wants to feed her the bottle, but Robin is wary of her. Zelena says she can’t do magic and they should trust her. When the baby is finished eating, she doesn’t give the baby back and uses magic to knock them down. Zelena takes the baby and runs. When are they going to learn that Zelena can’t be trusted? I thought they would have figured this out by now.

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In the forest, Zelena notices a burn on her baby’s face and comes to the conclusion that it’s from her magic. She starts crying and doesn’t think she is fit to be the baby's mom.  

In the Underworld, Zelena is hiding in a house when Regina, Belle and Robin walk by. She comes out and and tells them Hades wants the baby to make a time traveling potion. Zelena is willing to give up the baby in order to protect it. Zelena is willing to do what is best for the child. This is uncharacteristic of her. She seems to have been affected by harming the baby. Maybe she is starting to change after all.

In the Underbrooke apartment, Henry comes down from the loft with more pages, but just like last time he doesn’t remember printing them. Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) makes a big speech about how they all need to get home and that they’re going to take down Hades once and for all.

In Oz, Zelena goes back to the palace and Hades is there. He has prepared a dinner. After only a day together, Hades feels like they have true love. He says his heart fluttered when they were riding the bike and once they kiss his heart will start again. Zelena won’t kiss him though because once she kisses him, he’ll be free and can enact the time traveling potion himself. She thinks he just wants revenge.

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In Underbrooke, Zelena and Hades come face-to-face. Hades says he’ll never hurt Zelena and that he still loves her. Hades says he was trying to rescue the baby from the heroes and give it back to Zelena. He made Underbrooke for her so that she would have everything Regina had when Regina ruled Storybrooke. Hades wants to rule Underbrooke with Zelena. Zelena still doesn’t trust him and doesn’t want his help getting her baby back. He says he’ll be waiting if she changes her mind. The end of their conversation was a very anticlimactic ending. All the episodes from this season have ended on a cliffhanger and this doesn’t leave the audience wanting more.



Once Upon A Time is getting even more confusing. Why is Zelena and Hades’ relationship so important and what does the baby have to do with it? The episode is just setting us up for another elaborate plan. The heroes did not make much progress and the villains are cryptic. There is definitely something else going on and I think someone is going to get stabbed in the back again. 

Once Upon A Time airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Rating: 3/5



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