New squirrelly sign pops up on College Green, warns students about feeding squirrels - The Post: News

New squirrelly sign pops up on College Green, warns students about feeding squirrels

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  • Squirrel Sign

    A sign commemorating the "Athens Squirrel" stands on College Green. 

Posted: Wednesday, March 16, 2016 5:21 pm

Students found a nutty new addition to campus when walking across College Green on Wednesday.

On the side of a few intersecting sidewalks, is a new sign entitled “In Commemoration of the Athens Squirrel” staked into the dirt.

“In honor of the Athens Squirrel, whose species once thrived on College Green, this plaque stands in their absence,” the sign reads. “The new invasive Pizza-Eating Sciuridae, those thrives off of burrito scraps, discarded french fries, and student offerings, has tragically overwhelmed the old Athens Squirrel population.”     

The sign was approved by Corinne Teed, an adjunct professor in printmaking; the dean of students; the head of grounds keeping; campus police; and the director of art; according to a note on the back of the wooden sign.

Lizzie Rings, a junior studying wildlife and conservation biology, said she finds the sign to be funny.

“It’s amazing,” Rings said. “I love it. I wish it was permanent.”

Richard O’Donnell, a sophomore studying finance and management information systems, said that the sign makes sense considering that fast food isn’t healthy for humans, so it wouldn’t be for squirrels either.

O’Donnell added that he found that it was good that the sign was humorous to get people's attention, but he still thinks that drunk people will continue to feed squirrels.

Daniel Porter, a senior studying English literature and writing, said the sign is funny, and he just recently saw a squirrel eating a sugar cookie.

“It makes a good impression,” Porter said. “(It makes people) more apt to think about (feeding squirrels).”

Kelly McCallan, a freshman studying game design, said when she first saw the sign, she thought it had to do with the construction on College Green.

“It’s cute. It’s kinda funny,” McCallan said. “At first I thought it was, like, really, really serious ... but then I realized.”

Sarah Vaughan, a sophomore studying education, said she only ever sees “squirrels eating Doritos underneath bushes” and that the sign is a good way to bring attention to the health of the squirrels.

“I mean it’s true that they just eat all our stuff that we leave out,” Vaughan added. "It kinda sucks cause that’s not what squirrels are supposed to eat.”



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