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Hailing from Charlottesville, Va., Devon Sproule will be coming to Ohio University today to perform at The Front Room. Rolling Stone said Sproule's vocal and lyrical beauty is unmatched. Her fusion of folk and jazz music will be interesting for any listener, as has been proven by her extensive tours around the country ' with two visits to the United Kingdom ' in the past few years.

The Post's Kelly Kettering talked to Devon about her inspirations, her music and her personal life.

The Post: What inspires you to write music? How did you start?

Devon Sproule: Making music for a living is a great job; so, in some ways, what inspires me to write is wanting to keep my great job. It's also what I've spent all my time doing since I was a kid, so it's what I'm best at. I got started the way most folks do, I imagine ' being a musical kid. In my case, I had the added bonus of really supportive parents. I grew up living in an intentional community with lots of other adults and kids around. When I moved to Charlottesville, I did a lot of busking, which proved not only to be a great opportunity for practice, but also a swell way of meeting people.

Post: What caused you to decide to combine folk and jazz music influences to create the sound of your music?

Sproule: My husband Paul Curreri has a huge LP and CD collection, and I've sort of just tagged along with what he's been listening to. When we met, he was really into a lot of folk and country blues stuff. Since, we've listened to a lot of swing and jazz, along into some reggae and African, always enjoying a healthy amount of the Bob Dylans, Neil Youngs and so on. So, I guess the writing on Silver Shined is just what's resulted from all that listening and digesting.

Post: What was the music scene like in Virginia where you grew up?

Sproule: The music scene in Charlottesville is small but good. It's a little bit of a big fish in a little pond deal, but sometimes it feels good to be a big fish! I had a great manager when I was a teenager (after leaving high school) named Jess Baucom G? Richmond, the neighboring capitol of Virginia and also where my husband grew up, is also rich in good musicians, especially jazz folks.

Post: Why did you decide to leave school to record music and tour? Did your parents support you dropping out before graduation?

Sproule: My folks were never big into public education, and it just sort of made sense once I started getting really interested in music. If I hadn't been a relatively curious, clever kid, I may not have gotten away with it. I do regret not having the college experience that so many of my friends have had. No keg stands for Dev!

Post: Are you excited about your upcoming UK tour?

Sproule: Hells yeah. I actually just finished the last date, Glasgow, this weekend. Got some good press and the shows were pretty slammin'. My husband Paul Curreri starts his UK tour shortly, and we've even managed to overlap for a few days! Speaking of which, I should probably go tell him he looks nice today G?

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