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Q&A: Anti-folk, blues inspired band comes back to perform at Donkey

Armed with a ukulele and original lyrics, 21-year-old Megg Farrell and her band, New York-based Megg Farrell's Whiskey Social, will perform at 9 p.m. Friday at Donkey Coffee and Espresso.

The band is touring through Athens because its pianist, Patrick Gallagher, is a born-and-raised Athenian who wanted to play in his hometown.

The Post's Jessie Cadle spoke with lead singer and ukulele player Megg Farrell about the band's inspiration, the ukulele and the upcoming show.

The Post: How would you describe your band?

Megg Farrell: We are an acoustic band trying to be as much not folk as possible. My vocals have been inspired mainly by blues. Our guitarist is really into bluegrass and we have a classically trained pianist. We're kind of all over the map with our influence. (We're) a loud, stomping your feet, anti-folk, blues, ukulele music kind of band.

Post: What can students expect from your concert?

Farrell: We always like to have the audience join the band and sing along and stomp along. Our percussion is our audience, so we hope that the audience gets a nice, intimate experience and also can take home ... what the music is saying. That's always what I enjoy about music. I love when a musician can reach me in some way. One thing I hope in my music is that I can have that affect on anyone else in the world. I hope that I can reach them somehow emotionally and that they can have a fun time listening to music.

Post: How did you come into the music industry?

Farrell: Well basically it was the ukulele. I started playing the ukulele junior year of high school. I realized that there is this ukulele niche in Boston, Paris and New York. I started playing with these ukulele groups, and I just started writing and performing and learning and singing all at the exact same time.

Post: What is your advice to budding young musicians like yourself?

Farrell: Play as much as you can, play every second, and constantly be writing down lyrics and constantly be writing down little melodies. When it comes to forming a band, don't settle at all. When something doesn't work it's not going to work a month later. You've just got to get the people who you really get along with and you really like the way they do their thing.

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WHAT: Megg Farrell's Whiskey Social

WHEN:9 p.m. Friday

WHERE: Donkey Coffee and Espresso, 17 1/2 W. Washington St.


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