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Wit and Banter: Spring breakers bring sun back to Athens, greens

Breaking up is hard to do. The relationship may be over, but you still have the memories … and the photographs.

You find yourself looking back on all the times you’ll never forget, and the ones you wish you could. We all know how hard it is to let go, but when the time comes, that’s the only thing you can do.

Spring break is officially over, people, and it’s time to just let it go. You had your good times but all good things must eventually come to an end ... and you must simply move on and treat the separation like any other breakup.

I’ll admit, it’s difficult to get back to the daily grind of school and homework after a nice, long week of vacation. But it wouldn’t be so hard if constant reminders of SB’12 weren’t hovering over studying heads all throughout spring quarter. How does any work get done when there are bikini-clad chicks and swim trunk hunks lying out on beach towels on every green on campus?

I don’t understand how teachers expect us to accomplish anything with a distraction like that! East Green is not Panama City Beach as far as I know, but it’s hard to tell when there are so many wannabe beach bums littering the grass.

Along with the spring break attire, it’s impossible to escape the looming “spring break recap.” Every person on campus wants to know what you did during your time off but only so they can share all the details of their own adventures, too. We all know that at least one of our friends had such an epic spring break that it’ll be his or her go-to subject at every opportunity ... and probably until the end of the school year.

Instead of studying for next week’s quiz at the library, you’ll be listening to your friend recount his spring break story in hushed tones for the fifth time. My only advice is to look out for those “stage-five spring break clingers” when you have a 10-page paper to write that’s worth 40 percent of your final grade.

It may seem that the only way to avoid these spring quarter distractions would be to retreat to the virtual world, but don’t get your hopes up. You’ll find yourself spending hours on Facebook, clicking through pictures of every spring break trip from everyone on your friends’ list.

While you were holed up in your bedroom listening to the thunderstorm outside and reading a book out loud to your dog, Sally was playing flip cup in Cancun. It seems as though you will never escape spring break because some people just won’t let it go. In my opinion, the healthiest thing to do is to move on to bigger and better things like planning your summer vacation. After all, spring break is over. It’s okay to move on now because, believe it or not, there is life after spring break!

Or so I’ve been told.

Tanya Parker is a junior studying broadcast journalism and a columnist for The Post. Email her at


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