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Q&A: Palmer Fest "Pizza Girl" speaks to The Post about experience

Kristen Roseman recently gained notoriety for her interview with Sway the Crowd Productions during the April 28 Palmer Fest. In the video, Roseman describes what happened inside of the house on 11 Palmer St. that caught fire and subsequently led to an early end to the annual block party.

The video took the Web by storm, reaching 88,000 YouTube views and making appearances on websites including Reddit and Facebook. Roseman, who is studying marketing at the Eastern Illinois University, agreed to be interviewed by The Post to explain the video’s popularity.

The Post: Have you seen the video? What was your reaction?

Kristen Roseman: I first saw the video when I was hungover at some pub somewhere. Some random dude comes up and asks for a picture and tells me that I’m the girl from the house that was on fire. I say that I’m the friend of the girl; you must have the wrong girl. He says no, that I’m the girl. Well I’m hungover and tell him that he’s off his rocker. So I get the picture, and he says that he’s my fan and so I ask him to show me the video. I see it and I start laughing a lot. I said, “What did I get myself into?” Just another day in life, you know?


Post: Do your friends or anyone at your school know about it?

Roseman: It’s an Ohio thing, and it better stay in Ohio. It’s not coming to Illinois, and it better not spread to Illinois. Please, let’s make sure it doesn’t spread. There are already too many shenanigans at Illinois.

I mean, some people have seen it but not that many people from U of I. It’s not viral in Illinois like it is in Ohio.


Post: How does it feel having a YouTube video with 87,000 views?

Roseman: I just wish they would’ve gotten me saying something funnier. They should’ve gotten me when I went to the ER the other day begging for an IV when I was hammered. That was funny. I cannot believe people actually think that video is funny. I’m dumbfounded. If that’s all it takes to get famous, I can’t believe some people are not famous.

And by the way, first of all, I was not concerned about the pizza. I was concerned because over spring break someone burned the house from cooking a pizza. I drove to Ohio because I wanted to party. When the smoke alarm goes off, I thought they were cooking a pizza. There was a hell of a lot of smoke. When I’m checking around, someone says the basement is on fire, we start laughing and so we take a shot. I was more worried about drinking.

People can be really mean. I am not obese. I’m not a rollie pollie ollie. And also, I’m not a slut. I will also be successful. I have a job now. Also, they’re talking from behind a computer. How am I making you look stupid? You look stupid by posting.


Post: Do you know anyone at OU?

Roseman: I met a guy who was in Columbus, Chris Nelson, and some of his friends over spring break and they mentioned Palmer Fest in Athens and asked me to go, so I said sure. Natalie something was the house we were supposed to stay at. She’s very successful, and I met her at the fest.

Post: When did you start drinking?

Roseman: Truthfully, I don’t know when I stopped drinking. I started Friday, went to bed drunk and woke up still drunk, and I wasn’t driving because I’m responsible. Yes, I put my Natty Light in the bottle because I didn’t want to have my hands full. I was being resourceful, thank you very much. I was drunk all day. I was pretty hammered.


Post: What actually happened in the house?

Roseman: Honestly, we were in the very top, people coming in and out, going to the bathroom. Like I said, I was in the kitchen taking shots with people and it was smoky and no one was concerned. So I kept asking people about it, and they were like, “There’s no fire, people are smoking and it’s coming from outside.” Then I looked again, and someone said the house is one fire, and everyone laughed. People told me beforehand that I shouldn’t wear heels because I’ll have to run from tear gas and cops. I ran out of there when the house was on fire. There was smoke everywhere, and I got separated from my friends. Cops were threatening to arrest me. It was crazy!


Post: Do you plan on returning to OU for any of the fests this year or next?

Roseman: I don’t really make plans and I don’t make breakfast. But really, I don’t know. I have no clue. I guess if people want to go, I’ll go.


Post: How much fun did you have at Palmer Fest?

Roseman: It was a good time. I had a good-ass time. I met a lot of random people. The bars are OK, but it’s a good scene. Overall, I had a good time.


Post: Do you have anything to say to the “haters” who’ve commented on the video?

Roseman: I mean, it’s YouTube; I was drunk, it happens all the time. If you’re going to focus on me being chubby, well everybody has something wrong with them, so get over yourself. A HOUSE caught on fire and you’re focusing on… honestly, no comment because it’s not worth it.

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