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Between The Lines: Non-voters have no right to complaints

Young people like to express their opinions on politics, whether in a coffee shop, among friends or especially on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. But if people did not express their views via ballot this election and they are eligible voters, they have no right to express them now.

Living in America has its faults and its benefits, but the greatest benefit is the right to have a say in our government.

For those people who believe the choice not to vote is just as powerful as voting, think again. Why do politicians cater to the elderly with programs such as Medicare and Medicaid?

Because the elderly produce the biggest percentage of voters.

Politicians are more than happy to pass bills that cater to a huge population that will vote for them again.

By not voting, you aren’t sending a message to politicians that you are fed up with the system and want change — you are sending a message that you don’t care. If someone doesn’t care to get out and vote, why would any politician care to help pass bills for their benefit?

As a young adult, I get angry when I see people my age proud of the fact that they didn’t vote. Their not voting is one more reason why young people all have to pay more for school each year.

If a bigger percentage of young adults voted, and that young population demanded lower rates for universities, the government would cater to us. We would give Washington a reason to listen to our demands.

People don’t like the two-party political system? Is that the reason some chose not to vote this year?

There are many independent political parties to choose from such as the Green Party and the Libertarian party.

However, some chose to not vote for an independent party because they felt it would be wasting a vote. Well, when everyone thinks like that, of course a third party won’t be elected.

If Americans are truly fed up with the two party system, it’s time to start voting for other parties. The American party system will reflect what Americans vote for. They are on the ballot — people could have made their opinions heard.

If their party isn’t on the ballot, then people can sign a petition or start one themselves to have that official or party be represented on their local ballot. This is America, where if enough people are tired of the way the government runs things, then it can be changed.

I don’t want to hear any more people talk about how not voting is just as powerful as voting. It isn’t. If it were, we would all still be royal subjects of the Queen of England.

Quit complaining about how the government runs on a two party system. Do something about it. Quit complaining about how the government doesn’t do anything to help your stance or belief. Do something about it. We have the power and it’s up to us to use it.

Jessica Ensley is a sophomore studying journalism at Ohio University and a stringer for The Post’s culture staff. Send her your thoughts at

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