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BedPost: Campus Care care provides not-so-secret services for 'down there'

Campus Care …. cares.

Welcome to your first second semester of semesters, students. For myself, and about 4,072 of my closest friends, it is also our last first second semester of our undergraduate careers — hopefully. Guys, we really need to throw that reunion.

One thing I will regret when I leave campus is underutilizing Campus Care. I am not talking about those times you stopped in for the sniffles or those five times you got a headache and thought it might be meningitis. I’m talking about for “down there” care.

On Monday, I met with Campus Care family doctor Jane Balbo, who let me in on the secret services Campus Care offers. Except — here’s the biggest secret of all — the services offered by Campus Care are no secret.

Plus, most of the STD testing for males and females is cheap … so cheap that it’s free. There isn’t a college kid on the planet who doesn’t love free.

For example, female students who use campus health care are offered one free Pap smear a year.

Other students who use their parents’ or their own insurance can still get free STD testing. Males and females who are under the age of 29 may receive free swab and urine tests, which they can take home. That way no one touches you in any funny places (not that it’s an issue with the awesome Campus Care doctors) and makes you feel awkward.

There is oral testing for HIV every third Wednesday of the month, where you can make an appointment, get swabbed and have your results after 20 minutes.

Also, for those of you who wanna make like Gossip Girl and stay anonymous, you can go to Campus Care for a blood test and use the last four digits of your PID, which are not specific. Then, you can call a few days later to receive your test results — all thanks to an initiative by Graduate Student Senate.

Dr. Balbo also recommends HIV testing before beginning sexual activity with a new partner or if you’ve had a variety of fun partners. Did you know you could still get an STD while pulling out?

Weird discharge, Paps, birth control plans and fun-flavored condoms — the Campus Care Clinic offers a circus of great events for those who are sexually active, or not, and in charge of their health.

Steph Doan is a senior studying journalism. Are you wondering how to get “down there” care or worried about STDs? Send her your sex and relationship questions at

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