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BedPost: Take risks, be fearless when it comes to expressing feelings

Howdy readers,

Today’s column is going to be a little bit different. I’ve gotten a few questions recently that all fall under the same basic category, so I figured I’d just put them all together and answer them all. Also, it’s kind of sentimental and we’re all feeling a little gooey and feelings-y this week because of summer and graduation.

I get lots of questions asking how to ask someone out, how to approach someone you like and how to get someone to date you, and they all can be fixed with basically one thing: fearlessness.

Seriously, all of those stupid inspirational sayings that the parody Twitter accounts randomly say about dancing like no one’s watching and carpe-ing the diem all have a lot of truth to them.

The saying “good things come to those who wait” might have some merit in things like cake baking and new seasons of Girls, but for pursuits of the heart and for most things in life, you can’t be afraid.

Life is short and if you don’t make your feelings known, you might never have an opportunity to act on them. Whether it’s telling your hook-up buddy you like them just as much on the streets as in the sheets or asking someone to come home with you who you raved about to the Twitter account @OUCrushes, it’s worth it.

Though admitting these things might earn you a swift “no” or a drink to the face, rejection is something everyone has got to get used to. If that person you pine after doesn’t see what a sweet little cherub angel with a rockin’ behind you are, there’ll be another one who does and that’s OK. Think about all the horrible things that can happen, and getting rejected on an offer to go get Big Mamma’s together ranks pretty low on that list … though Big Mamma’s is delicious.

I guess what I’m saying is we all need to be a little more fearless. We’ve all had to take a chance. If you get rejected, sweet, I’ll save you a seat next to me and we can drown our sorrows in Nutella and Arrested Development, but you might just be pleasantly surprised.

It’s been a dream come true answering all of your love qualms this semester, Bobcats. Until next year.

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