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Though awkward, dirty talk via text worth a shot in the dark

Dear BedPost,

Recently I’ve been talking to this guy and he’s really sweet in person, but when we text at night, he tries to steer the conversations into sexting. Am I a complete idiot for being terrified of sexting, not because I think it’s bad, but because I think I’ll be terrible at it?

Dear reader,

I guess you missed the day in middle school when they handed out cell phones and taught us the art of the sext. Unlucky you.

But, really, who in the world is good at sexting? There is nothing more sexually detaching for me than typing dirty words on an iPhone keypad waiting for a textual response from seemingly somewhere in the universe.

Seriously though, I don’t think sexting is some lost art form and you just happen to be the only person who can’t do it. If you’re not uncomfortable with it, sexting can be a fun way to keep the spark alive when you’re not with someone. If you wanna try it, simply let your imagination run wild and I’m sure if your partner is nice, he’ll appreciate your willingness to try. Of course, use your judgement because cyberspace sexting is forever.

But, I would advise if at all possible, get that lovin’ on in person. After all, there’s no lovin’, like good, old fashioned human interaction.

Kristin is a junior studying journalism and the Culture Editor of  The Post.

There’s an old Calvin and Hobbes comic strip I remember — no, no stay with me, this is going somewhere — in which Calvin totally messes up shoveling snow from the sidewalk and tells his feline friend, “If you do a bad enough job, they’ll never ask you to do it again.”

What I’m getting at is if the only thing holding you back from sexting with this guy is worrying that you’ll be poor at it, there’s only one way to find out if that’s true.

Several things can happen if you give it a shot. One: you end up being good at it and liking it. Two: you feel weird about it and you can tell our male friend that’s not really your scene. If he’s worth anything he’ll oblige you in your request. Three: you’re bad at it and neither of you will want to anymore.

If you’re too uncomfortable with sexting to want to even try it in the first place, the fourth option is just saying you don’t want to. Again, a reasonable person would understand that. It’s not broccoli; no adult is going to tell you that you need to try it.

Ian is a junior studying journalism. Got a sexting problem? Email us at

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