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BedPost: Distance may make maintaining a relationship a long shot

Dear BedPost,

I’ve been dating my boyfriend from back home for more than a year and he’s literally perfect.

The only problem is he’s a year younger than me and still in high school. I’ve met a lot of great guys since being at school and they are more on the same page with me because they’re in college. Plus, this whole distance thing is getting tough. Should I stay or should I go?


Dearest reader,

Are college guys really that much more mature? Because the guys I know can barely make mac and cheese. Well … I guess the guys I knew in high school did dress up for nearly every superhero movie premiere … I see your point.

I think that being in a relationship means a lot more than having a shared history, a mutual love of Chipotle or simply liking the shape of each others eyes. You have to be on the same page emotionally. There’s more to relationships than simply loving someone.

That being said, it seems like you kind of have your mind made up already. It’s fine to appreciate the beautiful men around you (where are you finding these majestic creatures?) but it’s an entirely different animal to simply be bored, dissatisfied, restless, lonely or just plain no longer interested in dating this person.

We all need to realize it’s much kinder to let someone go, then to pretend to be feeling things we aren’t. Who wants to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with them?


Your question comes as a surprise as long-distance relationships tend to not be accompanied by loads of problems. It’s super out of the ordinary to be unsatisfied with a significant other in another city, barely getting to see each other.

It’s also bizarre to look around at other people at your college and feel like it would be nice to just cut ties with your hometown man and be open to some new experiences with new guys.

This inner-battle you’re facing is so unnatural and sinful I feel uncomfortable writing to you. Never have I come across someone displeased with a long-distance relationship. You monster.

Since we’ve already established that you have no feelings, you might as well propel your hateful thoughts to their only natural conclusion and not feel that bad about breaking up with him. For a person with a soul that’d be an emotional ordeal for some time, but it would get better with time and probably be for the best.

But I’m sure your calloused self will have no qualms.

Kristin is a junior studying journalism and the Culture Editor of The Post. Ian is a junior studying journalism. Have any bobcats you can’t get out of your head? Email us at

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